Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Fall in Portland, Oregon

The Kimster just sent me this picture of a 
beautiful Fall day in Portland.

Here in the dust bowl city by the hole the start of summer has come with wind gusts that recirculate the trash laying everywhere to trash laying everywhere else.

A couple of weeks ago I ran into a friend who has not been back to Kimberley in more than a decade and he looked at me shaking his head and said: "Why is our hometown so f*cking dirty now?"

I answered: "Cause we f*cking free now and don't need to care about anything anymore."

The first thing I noticed when I arrived back in Portland last year after an absence of five years was the clean streets, the greenery, the clean streets ... oh and the clean streets.

No trash everywhere and even where there was trash it was really nothing major.

Here in the delusional we look more than shabby.  We downright dirty.

And worse, in the dust bowl by the hole we just plain filthy to the extent that I don't even go out unless I have to.

Sad thing to be free in these dirty surrounds.

Makes me want to think a little more about what my neighbor lady who is black said to me just the other day when she found me picking up trash in front of our house.  She said with a seriously concerned face:
"When the white man was in charge during apartheid it was clean but the politics was very dirty.  Now everything is just very very dirty."
So much for freedom in the cesspool.

I miss the Fall in Portland ... the fog, the browning leaves, the advance of nine or more months of incessant piss rain among annoying liberals ... who would have thunk it hey?

I need to get me a ticket on an aeroplane "I'm gonna be on that Wheel of Fortune game ... hey Vanna pick me a letter".


Ps. Thanks for the picture Kim.  Its nostalgia time, again. ;0)


Kimberly said...

Thanks for the shout out. The picture isn't working for some reason.

I am glad you enjoyed the view, it was so nice and cold this morning.

I am ready for the piss rain in the next few months.


Ridwan said...

Hi Kim:

The picture is also not working on my cell.

However when I am online on a regular computer it does.

Wonder why?

It may be now that Adobe Flash has thrown a tantrum and removed its software from Android forums some jpeg files are hard to load/see.


Let me know if it is the same on your laptop.