Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I can't live without earplugs. A soft pair of throwaway earplugs is all I need to hold onto my version of sanity.

When I left the US two or so years ago I packed a huge container of earplugs just in case.

It was a wise move.

Earplugs of the throwaway kind are not readily available here in Mzansi.

I know because I always look to see wherever I shop.

But last week I came across a shop called "Crazy Store" or sumthen that has packs of eight soft earplugs for sale.

My heart skipped several beats. My journey to find throwaway earplugs here in the land of the overpriced everything was over.

It was a religious moment. Kinda like that time in late 2007 when I stood close to the spot in Lumbini where Buddha is said to have been born.

As I caught my breath it occurred to me that I did not need more earplugs. My stash is still huge.

So I looked at the price instead. It was expensive. Too expensive. A lot more than fifty earplugs would cost at Costco or Target in Portland.

I don't think anyone here will buy them. I won't but that won't stop me from looking in on the stocks over the weeks and months to come.

Something about knowing that there are earplugs available just up the street from where I sleep at night makes me feel comforted.

So just in case my house is burgled and the thieves make off with my sanity devices, I know where to find an emergency stash ... even if it is costly.

Yep I can't live without earplugs. In fact, I'm rolling home now to watch the SABC evening news with a pair firmly pressed against my inner conscience.

Not having to listen to the usual drivel is my resistance.

Perhaps I should bring a few pairs to work tomorrow.


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Spring Thunder's Blog said...

"So just in case my house is burgled and the thieves make off with my sanity devices, I know where to find an emergency stash ... even if it is costly." But you won't even hear the thieves if they come in!

I love the metaphor. I'm still trying to purchase a nose plug and blinders....

Peace to you and yours,


Ridwan said...

Hello sista Shusli. Thank you for looking in here.

Always great to hear from you.

I have been warned about sleeping with earplugs.

So yeah I won't hear the burglars if and when they come :)

When I traveled in India I had earplugs in almost all of the time.

The first few months I just let the honking and noise soak my being and then decided it was time to shut it out for long periods.

I laughed when I read your line about a nose plug and blinders.

Maybe blinders would be helpful too ... perhaps I could start with just one eye patch.

See no evil ... hear no evil ... and smell no evil ;)

Peace to you too.


Spring Thunder's Blog said...


Hey, have you ever heard about bugs getting into people's ears? I think earplugs would prevent that!


Ridwan said...

Now there is on more reason to hold onto my earplug 'fetish'. :)

Peace sista Shusli.