Saturday, October 14, 2006

Still Searching

A few hundred years ago my ancestors from my mother's side came to South Africa shackled to ships afloat on the water in front of me. This picture was taken in Cape Town in 2005 before I reconfirmed that deceit was a permanent part of life. In the months that followed this picture I pieced together the pressing recognition that finding my origins is necessary for me to live right. Moving to India was the first step to finding those places and spaces I have never been.

I know where my people from my father's side come from, will visit there in the next four days. But to find my mother's people is almost impossible, another monument to the colonial past that shaped us but never conquered our revolutionary impulse.

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::MENNO:: said...

I see you got a new hobby: blogging!

greetings from your the guy in front of you