Friday, October 21, 2011

Libya is Not Free!

I am deeply saddened and disgusted by the gruesome killing of Gaddafi yesterday.  And I expect that I am not alone.

More than just a few folks will see our collective humanity betrayed by the manner that Gaddafi was killed even after he was wounded, disarmed, and captured.

With his dead body lying in a pool of blood the so called 'revolutionaries' began singing and dancing and chanting "God is great".

As a Muslim I am even more disgusted that the rag tag mercenaries - many who are undoubtedly waiting to claim the bounty on Gaddafi's head - would invoke God's name in their killing.

Islam prohibits the killing of those who are captured in war.

Some reports say that Gaddafi pleaded for his life.  Other reports say his dead body was desecrated.

Where is the humanity in all of this?  And how can Muslims behave so barbarically?

What is equally gruesome and disgusting is the manner in which the international news media have used the footage of Gaddafi's assassination.

And they continue to do so without any mind to the indignity and inhumanity it contains.

Al Jazeera is prime among the usual suspects selling pictures of Gaddafi's dead body.  BBC and CNN are not too far behind.

Should Al Jazeera not know better?  Or is the sell-out complete now?

Do you think that these media outlets would broadcast the same pictures if the dead body was from the West?

If you read here then you know that this blog is not a supporter of Gaddafi and his extended ruling family.

But that is not even the point. 

We should all be disgusted with what has happened in Libya and that includes Obama taking credit for 'leading' NATO to victory.

What victory?  More oil for the empire?

Gaddafi is now dead.  So are members of his family including children of his sons.  The country lies in wreck and ruin and the lapdogs who watched the West kill the country for its oil are already licking their lips in anticipation of the positions they will be given.

And in the streets the delusional who act out for media cameras call this freedom.  What kind of freedom comes at the barrel of guns wielded by the former colonial masters who care little for freedom over its appetite for oil?

Libya is not free!

When the noise settles the rag tag mercenaries will turn on each other.  They will fight over the bounty on Gaddafi's head and what is left over after the West's bombing ends.  Soon they will find themselves unemployed and starving while multinational interests carve up their country into compartmentalized capital interests.

Just months into this Frankenstein folks will be saying that life under Gaddafi was better.

It is an old colonial story and you only have to go to Iraq or Afghanistan to see the fallout that followed the freedom the West wrought there.

And now the 'war against terror and for freedom' must turn to Pakistan and Iran.  They too must be freed by the West for the West.

Here in South Africa not too much has emerged from the Zuma government.  There are not too many principled 'revolutionaries' among the pointy shoe and pot bellied sell-outs who turned their back on Gaddafi after they took all he could give.

Zuma should not escape blame though.  He is in part responsible for the premeditated murder of Gaddafi and the destruction of Libya.

If South Africa acted with principle and stood in the way of Resolution 1973 and then pressed the African Union to stop the grinding interests of the West this story may have ended differently.

And even if it did not end differently their fat and affirmed asses could at least say they took the high road and respected Libya's sovereignty.

That is what a real human rights based foreign policy would have done.

But who in this government remembers where we come from?  Really come from that is?

All you have to do is look at the unprincipled manner in which the Dalai Lama was treated here to know that what sits in Pretoria is not a government of principled revolutionaries.

Those fools are too busy eating from the trough China has set up for them to be worried about South Africa's image in international affairs.

And what of the 'Occupy' folks who are indignant about the loss of their financial worth?

Will they be calling for the capture and murder of George W. Bush and his murderous cronies across the world?

Do they even recognize the extent of murder that has been committed in their names?

I don't expect they really care beyond the usual lip service that sometimes surfaces.

They are not revolutionary in intent because if they were they would be calling for Obama to dismantle the empire.

In effect the 'Occupy' moment - and it is nothing more than a transitory moment - is nothing more than a bratty tantrum by depressed and disillusioned consumers.

If they were all employed and shopping for more sh*t you would not hear a peep out of those who think their contrived moment is revolutionary.

It is not!

If we are to be free any time soon then our revolution must be redrawn.


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