Sunday, September 02, 2007

"Not your Erotic Not your Exotic"

I read Vox Ex Machina's post entitled "Help Iraqi Women" in which she covers, with disgust, a site called International Sex Guide.

I clicked on the link above and read some from white men telling other white men about "hitting" and "banging" women of color in Iraq, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, South Africa ... and on and on ...

This sh*t is violent. Demeaning. Colonial.

This is a war.

Men fighting for Bush in Iraq talk about Arab women and wonder if they are clean. A reply comes in saying "It is not like they don't wash or bathe ... Just wrap it, don't go down on it, or have them shower first. Non issue."

As I read further I remembered meeting a big fleshy man on my recent trip to Mexico who wanted to take me to a strip club where he said "you can touch them for a dollar and f*ck them for $25 or even less."

I was eating at the time and he was sitting across from me. I said "no thank you." And just seconds thereafter I thought: "no thank you ... why are you thanking this piece of sh*t?" I was trying to get rid of him. But still I am ashamed.

He went on and on ... talking to others. "Try Mexican p*ssy" he said over and over.

The following day I was sitting next to a white American man at a Taco stand. We chatted casually about the weather. After a few minutes he started telling me about "the p*ssy" and how great it was in Ensinada.

"The best in the world ... no better and no cheaper anywhere ... that is why I keep coming back" he said. Then he left.

While walking away I saw a convertible pick-up with Oregon tags. It was a two seater but there were three Mexican women sitting very close to two older white man. The top was down and I recognized the driver from the Taco place.

This is a war.

Good and cheap p*ssy for the reach of the American dollar ... for democracy ... for development. Brown and Black bodies for "erotic and exotic" ownership.

For abuse. For killing time and killing bodies ... in and between bombing to death children and mothers and others in the name of the 'red white and blue' democracy.

For every white man who likes "erotic and exotic" ...

This is a war.

And this soldier below, a revolutionary, and freedom fighter, says it best. She is Suheir Hammad and her poem "Exotic" appears (with some variation) at Middle East Report Online.


Hear the sista again colonizer:

"don't wanna be your exotic

your lovin of my beauty ain't more than

funky fornication plain pink perversion

in fact nasty necrophilia

cause my beauty is dead to you

I am dead to you

not your

harem girl geisha doll banana picker

pom pom girl pum pum shorts coffee maker

town whore belly dancer private dancer

la malinche venus hottentot laundry girl

your immaculate vessel emasculating princess

don't wanna be

not your erotic

not your exotic"

See Suheir Hammad's website here.

This is a war.



Eugene said...

Reading shit like this just makes me want to say things like: ARMED STRUGGLE, ANYONE!? Some people just don't deserve to live. They just don't!

Anonymous said...

Just went thru your blog after a few weeks abstinence. I note that you are still a race obsessive.

Well, somebody has to to be the antidote to white domination.

Firstly, on the issue of white farmers arresting Zimbabweans. It may be true, but it is highly unlikely to happen.

A few years ago the farmers in Messina were complaining when Home Affairs were deporting their illegal workers arguing that they could not find south africans willing to work for them.

About two weeks ago they ran a segment on E tv. Messina is a boom town because those Zims who can afford it are arriving daily in droves to buy goods to sell in Zim.

The farmers interviewed were gloating how they were employing those Zim refugees as they were willing to work and cheaply (translation: they can pay them slave wages and get away with it).

I have done a couple of matters involving farm workers. In some cases, after deductions for rent and buying at the farm shop, the disposable income a worker has ranges from R60,00 (no you not going blind!) to R400,00 per month.

In other cases I'v dealt with companies have delayed in assisting Zims they employed getting a work permit knowing full well that a residence permit doesnt permit them to work in SA.

As they have no work permit they can be dismissed with impunity as the CCMA has no jurisdiction where the contract is null and void from the beginning.

In any event the Mbeki govt sees no crisis and Home Affairs, who have been praised in recent weeks by the UN Comm for Refugees for the sensitive way they are dealing with the refugee crisis. No refugee camps on the border equals sensitivity.

Forget about the fact that no other assistance is offered, internally or extenally in Zim itself.

The latest solution is to provide illegal Zims with temp residence permits. No word of course on giving them work permits as it would cause a stink given the high unemployment rate amoung South Afircans.

Secondly, on the subject of white perceptions. Remember Grahamstown?

If you can see beyond the constant haze of intoxication that place engendered in our minds you will remember a two robot too where Wimpy was reserved for the Whites and people of colour had to obtain permission to attend the white cinema.

No permission required to attend the bottle store.

Your main man Mbeki is now insisting that Grahamstown's name be changed to that of a black historical personage- I missed his name- as the founder, Graham did terrible things. He did not elaborate on the nature of the terrible things.

Probably the normal colonial terror, subjagation and enslavement.

E-tv interviewed one black person who was in favour of the name change and two white women. Both white women had the exact same reservations on the name change. 'Why must they change the name? We cannot PRONOUNCE the new name.'

It is interesting to note that both the white women interviewed were in their early twenties and of the generation that was largely educated in the NEW South Africa. New SA. Old attitudes.

So dude. When you drunk and someone asks you why you are a race obsessive, tell them that Mr Mooi says you the antidote to whiteness.


Ridwan said...

Thanks for looking in Eugene. Another damn reason to hate the war and Bush!

I was sick reading the comments.

Now let me say that I am sure that there are brothers posting on that site too. Men of color are not exempt in this sh*t.

But, as I read through most it was clear who was in the majority.

The pathology. The hatred. The violence against women of color.

I am hearing you.

Now where did I put my AK? Oh yeah. I'll check with Mooi.


Ridwan said...

Mooi thanks for going through the blog. Alleman, a white Afrikaner, called my blog "not fair" and "not serious" in his commentary under: "The Price of Life 4".

Who knows what he and whiteness measures as "fair" and "serious" though.

Most whites, especially farmers, want the world to believe that they are under a Black seige.

I read with interest that you think, well in your esteemed legal opinion, that white farmers are unlikely to arrest 'illegal Aliens' from Zimbabwe.

Yeah I should of guessed that the farmers (not all Alleman) would find a way to profit off the body of more poor and desparate Black folk.

But Mooi. What is your president thinking? Damn broer! What happened to our revolution?

Are the f*cking ANC all attached to the ass of whiteness? No really.

I remember Grahamstown and that damn Wimpy burger place. Wimpy was notorious for not serving people of color right up into the early 90s.

Today they are a thriving business because people of color eat there en masse. Don't get me started on that place that uses Indian mascots to sell fast food (The Spur).

Hell that place would not survive were it not for the new rich Black folk who sit and eat there without a thought to the racist images all around.

Nonetheless, I am not surprised at the response from the 2 white women in Grahamstown. Most whites (most Alleman), are hardly inclined to accept that they live on the African continent.

These f*ckers still want to keep SAfrica a preserve, or is that a reserve now, of whiteness.

On most days I can't stand being in and around Sea Point and surrounds in Cape Town.

What the f*ck is African, South African, about Cape Town anyway?

I think they should change all the damn names from the previous era. Including Kimberley, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Pretoria, Pietermaritzburg, especially Bloemfontein, Piet Retief, Klerksdorp, Potchefstroom, on and on.

There used to be a town called Kaffirs Kop. Remember? And they want us to look fairly on these f*cking names.

And yeah I'm down with changing Grahamstown too. Hell don't stop there. Change the name of Rhodes University too.

Rhodes is a maniacal murderer and not an African icon.

It is time bra Mooi. We need to press beyond appeasement of whites. Those who are willing to be loyal to an African country are Africans no doubt.

Skin color is a construction. A fragile and artificial one. They need to accept that.

Loyalty to Africa, and Africans, not Europe and whiteness, the West, is what is needed to be African.

In these contexts the issue of name changes is not an issue for Africans.

Anyway, thanks for bringing those horrible memories of Grahamstown and Rhodes University back to me.

Hell those were rough days. Dehumanizing!

I remember looking for a place to stay and having the white landlady chase my ass off her property.

Be well Guru.

Peace and struggle,

Rent Party said...

Good post and vid, I'm linking.

desert demons said...

I love this , infact I love it so much...I'm exporting it - with credit to you - hope you don't mind.