Sunday, September 02, 2007


This image was borrowed from the IntelligentaIndigena newswire. I cannot recommend a site any more than this one. It is invariably where I begin my reading everyday. Nothing short of brilliant in the manner that it highlights the stuggle against racism and the occupation of Aboriginal Indigena.

Go see what the AngryIndian (the editor) is doing for news. Real news. And for liberation.

Peace and struggle.

Ps. The image above links to on the IntelligentaIndigena newswire.


Angryindian said...

Thanks my man, I read you too. Often.

Ridwan said...

My pleasure brother. And thank you for reading here.

Peace and struggle,

Jason lee said...

My name is Jay saros and I am of Aztec and Anishinabe blood. I have been raised in the customs of my mothers ways... The Anishinabeg. I am on my path to educating the elite euro-educated Natives of this continent. I noticed that Desmond TuTu was on your blog site. I would like to share with you my experience of the 1993 world Parliament of World Religions Conference, where i was in attendance. It was great, i was very young at the time, but now i look at why The Great Spirit brought that particular item into my life. I write of the Real Spiritual knowledge that First nations people are forgetting and retaining. It is hard and exhausting at times. But, I love our AFirst nations peoples.
Look forward to listening and perhaps helping out.


Ridwan said...

Peace to you Jason Lee. Thank you kindly for looking in here and telling me about your experience with Desmond Tutu.

I have great respect for the brother as you will note from my posts here. He wrote a recommendation for me when I applied to do my Ph.D in 1991 and I have remained in awe of him with or without his support.

I like that he speaks to the moral principle of struggle whether he addresses victims or perpetrators.

Please do keep popping in here and at Angry's site. I am going to look at your site in a second and I am going to repost your comment above so other folks can navigate to your blog too.

Keep doing your wonderful work brother!!

Yours in Struggle,