Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"You Better Love Loving and You Better Behave"

I felt each line you wrote that night.  It fell heavy on my soul.  To see you back from a battlefield you left so many times before.

It is war this abusive control.  This recall of patriarchy that has no right.  Over you and yours.

He has no right.  To throw words and blows.  Even as you live outside of his sight and might.

It cannot just go.  It must be destroyed.  If all women are to be truly free.

That oldest form of bondage.  This newest hour of control.  Cannot hold on to you.  No more than your will to be free.

My will is not enough.  Not just yet.  You have suffered the blows.

When you enter that battlefield again I will follow you and what you know.  That no man and no son of man has that right without injustice.

So to the battlefield then.  Where his verses from our book will be a hollow shell of what was intended to be.

He will be holding onto desperation as you break free.

He cannot be.

Onward! Sista Soldier

Well, I feel deep in your heart there are wounds time can't heal
And I feel somebody somewhere is trying to breathe
Well, you know what I mean
It's a world gone crazy keeps woman in chains

It's under my skin but out of my hands
I'll tear it apart
But I won't understand

I will not accept the greatness of man
It's a world gone crazy keeps woman in chains
Gone crazy keeps woman in chains

... So free her ... (TFF)


Erica said...

One of my favorite songs. I especially love to hear Oleta Adams in this. She has such an amazing voice.

Ridwan said...

Hey Erica:

On a couple of her CDs she does a few cuts written by Orzabal of TFF.

"Circle of One" comes to mind.

Oleta Adams is an amazing artist no doubt. I absolutely agree and "Woman in Chains" would not have the depth without her.

Trust you well up there,

pserean said...


I like this post. Reminds me very much of Aasia's recent posts.
I think you should link em!:)


desert demons said...

beautifully spoken :)

Ridwan said...

Salaams P. and DD.

Thank you kindly sistaz.

I know the one it was written for is reading and gaining her momentum back.



Kimberly Pillon said...

Love this song. Timeless.

I have an amazing cover of Mad Wordl by Gary Jules.
Can I send you a cd? If not, I hope you can find it , the album is called, Trading snakeoil for wolftickets. great music.

Ridwan said...

Hi Kimberly:

Great to hear from you. I have heard the cover by Gary Jules.

TFF said they liked his version better.

Will look for the whole album though.

Trust you are well.