Monday, November 02, 2009


A good few years ago I started my first Mexican vacation in Punta Mita, a small resort town about 26 miles North of Puerto Vallarta.

I stayed at a local hotel that was nothing fancy but it was not too bad. My travel companion could speak Spanish so getting around town was a lot easier than my subsequent solo trips.

I've read that Punta Mita has undergone a lot of development since my visit.

AnyHowze, I got to thinking about Punta Mita not because I miss the place or my travel companion.

Nope. My most treasured memory is of a kitten that hung around my hotel. She was perhaps the friendliest cat I have ever known.

She followed me around the hotel for the entire week. The owner did not claim the kitten, in fact, no-one even knew how she came to live at the hotel.

I grew so attached to her that I started to plot ways to sneak her across the US border.

I began calling her Mita and she would respond.

In the mornings I'd open the doors to our large living space and Mita would be there to play and, of course, eat the goodies we offered.

I left Punta Mita without Mita. My heart was heavy but I was consoled by the fact that she had a home and lots of other folks to befriend.

Last night I made it back from a long weekend in Kimberley and the usual angst about being here started to set in.

My colleague who lives adjacent to me stopped by and started mumbling about a kitten that was close to death and wandering around our common areas.

When he left I walked him home and cast an eye around.

He said he was worried that someone might drive over her and he wanted to leave some milk out but did not know where to do so.

At about that moment I heard this faint meow and I turned to see this very small fur ball walking over to me.

Now I know that Ferrel cats, even kittens, will not allow you to pick them up. Well that has been my experience.

Nonetheless, I bent over and said "come here little one" and she walked right into my hands.

My colleague said, "now you have a new friend so take her to your house."

I carried the fur ball over to my townhouse and gave her milk and tuna fish. She was hungry.

If you did not know you would think that the kitten and I knew each other well.

She settled into my place and settled into me.

Sometime really early this morning I opened my eyes and watched her fast asleep on my chest.

My heart beat probably reminded her of her moms. She barely stirred all night even when I got up.

Before leaving for work I carried her downstairs, she is too small for the stairs, and she ate again and even went into the garden to do her business.

She reminds me of Mita from Punta Mita and I have started to call her Mita too.

She follows me around the house and right now I expect she is curled up somewhere on my couch.

In a way Mita has come home. :)



Erica said...

Awwww that was sweet. Now come and get Sabastian.

Dade said...

A touching story, my friend. And isn't it funny how vulnerable, gentle creatures can awaken the goodness within us.

Take care of Mita! It could well be that God has placed you together.

Ridwan said...

I hear you Erica. Sebastian is probably going through his naughty 'two-year' old phase being that he is about 6 months old now.

Male dogs got stuff to work out :)

You may remember that this blog was dedicated to stories about my dogs (in part).

And now I have a kitten running my spot.

Peace to ya,

Ridwan said...

Hey there brother Dade. Thank you for your kind and insightful comment.

I watched her this morning wondering what and why ... :)

The groundskeeper came over and looked at me puzzled.

I said she had moved in ... "into the house", he said.

Folks in these parts do not like pets indoors. Dogs and cats belong outside is the general thinking.

I said she just showed because her moms probably moved.

"Her mother was killed by dogs", he replied.

Could be that Mita eyes were not even open by the time the dogs did their deed.

To some extent it explains why she is so friendly. I think she must be about 5/6 weeks old.

Yes brother, it is amazing how another life can touch so deep into our humanity.

Peace to you and Maty.

Ridwan said...

I should be brave enough to admit that Mita was so small that I could not tell if she was in fact a she.

Turns out Mita is a little boy.

And, since writing this post Mita has been neutered and now lives with my mother in Kimberley.

Like me, my mother fell in love with Mita and adopted her.

My decision to leave him with my mother was not easy.

But Mita has a better life with moms. A big house and garden with trees to climb makes for a happier Mita.

I miss Mita something fierce but thankfully I see him once a month at the very least.

Mita is an absolute gift.