Wednesday, October 28, 2009

McDonald's Quits Iceland

This 'breaking' story caused me to remember a few hours I spent at Iceland's Keflavik International Airport, in Reykjavík, several years ago.

While I waited to board my Sabina Airlines connection to Brussels I recall seeing a sign for a butcher shop.

Why would anyone buy meat at an airport I thought?

So I moseyed over to the shop and looked around for a spell.

It seems that Iceland is one of the few, perhaps even the only, international destination where you can buy an assortment of meat like dill marinated salmon, dried cod, dried/salted shark, and frozen lamb meat, at the airport.

The butcher will package your meat parcel and you can check it in with your bags.

I imagine that flying into the US could be quite a hassle unless I am missing something.

I know they have biltong (beef jerky) sniffer dogs at JFK that check luggage arriving from South Africa. :)

AnyHowze, if you must have a Big Mac in Iceland then you may want to bring one along the next time you visit.

The same is true for Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Here in Mzansi, unlike Iceland, McDonald's seems to be thriving profitably alongside an array of local fast food joints and the consequences are quite visible.

We are distinctively a racially polarized nation with strikingly similar girth dimensions.

Mmmmmm ;)

I'm off for a few days. Later!

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