Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mooi and Me in Srinagar

So, I leave for Srinagar in Northern India tomorrow. I meet Mooi there. He should be packed by now, hope he remembers to bring lotsa toilet rolls. See Wikepedia's 'analysis' on toilet rolls 'below' ;) ... in India you should carry your own since it is not usually available in budget to midrange hotels :(


Mooi is in a panic. He called me moms in South Africa to find out if she knew where I was. OK MOOI calm yo' ass down. All is taken care of ... would I lie to you? ... ok maybe I would. We are staying at the HOTEL SWISS in Srinagar (the Indian Alps that is also the terrorist capital of India). I have booked two rooms and the contact guy is a man called Raouf. The number in case yo' ass loses all the previously sent information is: 2472766 (may need area code which is: 194). The reservations are under my name (that is, Ridwan Laher in case you forget me name too ;)

By the way Mooi, do you know that there is 12 damn inches of snow on the ground in Srinagar? The picture here from the tourist website shows balmy sunshine. Now if Jesus (may he rest in peace) was from the Middle East, you know like the Bible sez, would he choose to retire in cold Srinagar (or greater Kashmir like you say)? You gots some splaining to do my brother.

For those of you interested in "The Lake City" (what they call Srinagar) check out this tourist site below (and please pray that the militants on both sides don't flip out and bomb sum stuffs like they do every few days). Mooi thinks that cause he lives in Joburg he can handle any violence anywhere. But I'm tired. I have travelled through 5 countries in the last 6 months. I would rather not have my ass blown up over an intractable issue that has been going on for almost 60 years. I am down with revolution and all, but hey even soldiers need to rest.

I hope Hotel Swiss has cable cause I would like to catch up on the Wayans Brothers re-runs that they like so much here in India. I thank our Creator they have not dubbed it into Hindi yet. See more of Shawn and Marlon Wayans at:

John Witherspoon who plays Shawn and Marlon's daddy on the show 'cracks' me up.

He can only really play one roll (no not a toilet roll ... but I'm on a 'roll' so follow me ... sorry ;) Nevertheless, the brother is damn funny.

Especially see him as Ice Cube's pappi in "Friday after Next" (2002).

And this being Xmas check out the brother's site and buy sumthen! Like these cool t-shirts I'm putting in me stocking this Xmas.

Also see Mike Epps who plays Day-Day alongside Ice Cube's character, Craig Jones, in the "Friday" movies. Epps is funny in that 'role'. Here is a link with some classic pictures of John Witherspoon, Mike Epps and Ice Cube:

But back to now, I really hope revolutionary Akbar (a fictional terrorist like the one who owns Bush's ass) does not toss a grenade my way and mess with my TV plans. But if Akbar does toss a grenade my way, I promise to duck behind Mooi like Shawn and Marlon's daddy would do :)

See this link for an interesting news report in 2002 on how Hollywood has reproduced the fictional Arab/Muslim terrorist (I call him Akbar):

Peace and love,

Ps. Mummy I will be careful, honest. It is Kashmir that needs to watch 'theyselves' ... Mooi is after all an old apartheid era wannabe revolutionary!

I wonder if Mooi would 'crack' up if I showed him this picture ... OK, OK, enuff with the toilet roll humor .... I gots to 'roll' (OK one last sorry :0) HoLLaaaaa.

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