Sunday, December 17, 2006

Menno and Me at Passion Tea

It was great to catch up with Menno at Passion Tea in Priya Complex (New Delhi) today. Menno is from the Netherlands and is a great and patient guy. I have Menno to thank for turning me onto

Check out Menno's site where he chronicles his experiences in India. I am going to miss our Passion Tea chats and web surfing afternoons. What the hell would we have done without the break afforded by this place?

Menno titled this picture of himself as "Menno Looking Like Shit" ... poor brother was sick but I am happy to report that he is healthy now and looking forward to his sister visiting him here in India. He is probably looking more forward to rolling back home ;0)

Menno took this picture of me while I sat surfing at Passion Tea. We were both feeling like crap (with head colds).

Stay well Menno!


::MENNO:: said...

Hey Ridwan,

Nice post man!

I finally managed to put a link in the right menu of my blog, so your blog is listed there in the friends menu. Actualy your the only one in there....damn, I must find some more friends...;)

Hope your doing fine in Kashmir! Looking forward to your new stories on the trip.

So, see you in Goa maybe!

Take care,

Ridwan said...

Thanks Menno. Your blog will get new traffic now. Ok, so I am still trying to fix my travels so as to join you for a couple of days in Goa. I want to work my way across from Bangalore to southern Keral and then on to Goa. After that I really need to chill in Delhi for a spell.

Hope you are looking forward to the trip. And your birthday is just around the corner too.

Stay well my brother.