Thursday, August 30, 2007

"US Accused of Muslim Torture" in Kenya

In recent months I have heard and read of detentions without trial and torture by American agents in Kenyan and Ethiopian prisons.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the deportation of a Pakistani national, Khalid Rashid, from South Africa on what seems to be British and American orders. Rashid is said to be captive in Guantanamo right now.

Since then there have been other mutterings about American involvement in the torture of 'Muslim suspects' on the continent. The main culprits who are aiding this recolonization of the motherland are Ethiopia and Kenya. There are others who are willing to sell us of course. Don't forget the f*cks in Djibouti.

This is not a new war. Our bodies have absorbed other waves. The motherland is merely being infiltrated again. Just like it was at the beginning of the cold-war. And there are those who will support the invasion from within ... it is an old story that goes back to slavery and before.

But it does not make it any easier to swallow hey. I am still left reeling and wondering how any African state can be a ho' for the US? Again and again. You would think that by now the selfish and murderous intent of the American government would be known.

In this context, it is heartening to know that South Africa's Minister of defence, Mosiuoa Lekota, has said that "more US troops are not welcome in Africa" and that the African "country that allowed itself to be a base for the US strategic command in Africa (Africom) would have to live with the consequences."

I am surprised that President Thabo Mbeki would agree with Minister Lekota and the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Surprised because it seems that Mbeki can barely pries his lips off the ass of the West on any good day.

But since this is an old story, you should not be surprised that Liberian President, and US pawn, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, wants Africom to recolonize her country. It matters little to her that the African Union does not want Africom anywhere on the continent.

And so the prop and lackey role for whiteness continues. Just like before.

Below are selected passages from the News24 article on US torture of Muslims in Kenya:

"Nairobi - Kenyan Muslims marched on police headquarters in Nairobi on Thursday in protest against what they called the illegal detention and torture of fellow Muslims in an anti-terrorist drive urged on by the United States.

The protest involving a few dozen Kenyans followed months of simmering tensions between the east African nation's Muslim community and authorities they accuse of persecuting and arresting them on US government orders.

"We don't expect this in our country. Just how much power do the Americans have over the Kenyan government?" asked Al-Amin Kimathi, chairperson of Kenya's Muslim Human Rights Forum.

American and Kenyan authorities said they could not immediately comment. Human Rights groups accuse Kenya of involvement in a clandestine US practice of detainee transfer.

Kenyan police arrested scores of people on the Somali border in January and February after allied Ethiopian and Somali government troops chased Islamist fighters Washington accuses of having links to al-Qaeda out of Mogadishu.

'So-called terrorists'

Human rights groups say Kenyan authorities put dozens of terror suspects from Kenya on secret rendition flights to Ethiopia for interrogation by US officials. Local activists said none had been prosecuted in any court.

"We know from a released prisoner that it is Americans doing the aggressive interrogating, and the Kenyan government is making it possible for them," Kimathi said. ..."


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