Thursday, May 03, 2007


Dear Lauren:

I like that you want to read me other bedtime stories. And I like that you think it a bunch of nonsense to expect anyone to give a sh*t about Golliwogs. Here or there ... f*ck the crowd. I'm so played out.

Please read me another life. Or turn back our hands past that time. Past when my hands told stories ... but not past you. Never past you.

While you were thinking strategy today I watched Federer and Nadal play tennis on a court made of clay and grass. Nadal won.

Federer let him.

A lot of capital and consumption.

But that match was not real.

Like much of life is not real till you remember why you can't forget.

Remember when Ali fought Inoki in a boxer vs wrestler match in Tokyo on 6/26/76?

I do. But that match was not real too. Even they called it a draw.

Do you know that Inoki became a politician in retirement? A lot of capital interests in politics. And they turned him into a stamp. Just like the US did to Malcolm X? Irony? No?

But ain't it so nice that Hugo Chávez told the World Bank to f*ck off? And right after Wolfowitz was caught f*cking too!

Yes those are the chickens coming through.

Do you know Federer was paid $500k to act like Nadal won? Do you know Nadal was paid $500k to act like Federer lost?

What about work is real in these terms? Nothing. Neither are my hands anymore it seems.

But will you read no-less. Inspire me a revolution. Again. And read me Sura Fathiha before we sleep. Or let me read some more for you. Always.



I love your life. For real.

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