Friday, May 18, 2007



Thanks again to ZAPIRO. This cartoon appeared in South Africa's Sunday Times and caused quite a stir among some readers. No broer they were not concerned with the f*ck that is Wolfowitz. Instead, they were worried about the 'porno' content of the cartoon. Geez. The aunties live on in South Africa hey.

But before you go broer, you do know that the neoCon was only showing his love for the self-styled feminist and "moslem" Shaha Riza?


What the hell is a "moslem"?

Ain't a "moslem" that contrived Other that the West used to call Mohammedans back in the day? But come to think of it, perhaps she is a "moslem" ... one that sleeps with the boss and climbs the money/power ladder while diligently keeping the starving and oppressed women of the 'Middle East' at heart.

Oh yeah! A feminist "moslem" and a neoconservative love story. I can see Hollywood running to get the rights to this elitist thievery.

As for the real feminist sistas who are decidely Muslim ... well, you know the myopia.

Onward World Bank ... viva corruption!

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