Monday, June 18, 2007

My Hole Town

I spent all my childhood days and most of my adult life believing this man-made
(by hand) hole is the biggest diamond mine of its kind in the world.

Now the informed word is that the Kimberley Mine is 'only' the second biggest man-made hole in the world. This is so even though 22.5 million tons of earth was excavated and 2 722 kilograms of diamonds extracted from the Big Hole.

So now I have to start telling folks that the biggest man-made hole in the world is the Jagersfontein mine.

What I can still tell folks is that De Beers ("A Diamond is Forever") made its fortunes on the backs of Blacks. And the same is still true today. Their famous sales pitch should read "Oppression is Forever".

The other word now is that the N12 road that runs alongside the Big Hole is causing it to collapse. Oh hell, what's new? This has been the case since I was a single digit kid.

I'd like to see the Big Hole collapse. Almost as much as I would like to see the collapse of De Beers. I hate De Beers and hope that my ancestors will curse those ass-kissing Black hands that now carry its oppression for profit.

Yeah I'm talking about that f*cking conniving twit Manne Depico. Who else hey? He is just another African National Congress sell-out owned and paid for by racist white capital.

Man I really miss Leah today. I heard the weather is cold but clear in Kimberley.

Awwwww shucks if I was home we could go for a walk to that downtown statue of
Cecil John Rhodes and Leah could piss on it ... again.

As I get ready to sleep I'm proud that the grass is greener in my hole town. Damn I'm homesick ... wonder what she is doing.

Probably eating ... ;0)


Eugene said...

"...ass-kissing Black hands that now carry its oppression for profit"

In her book, "Autobiography of a Blue Eyed Devil," Inga Muscio coined an interesting term that I like to use for Indians that do the same shit. She called it, "autogenocide."

You have a cute dog, she looks fun. May DeBeers collapse today, and the hole tomorrow!

Ridwan said...

"Autogenocide" ... I like that term because it conveys a fuller story of deceit and

Thank you my brother Eugene! I am going to pick up a copy of the book at Powells.

Yeah Leah is a gem. She is really a laid-back dog now. She is 4 now. In the beginning she was very energetic to put it mildly.

But, now she is the smiling Buffalo. I call her Buffalo mostly. She knows why.

You have a great week comrade.

Peace and struggle,