Monday, June 25, 2007

Uncle Tom for President

Thanks to The Unapologetic Mexican for this image. It tells more than I want to write tonight. I'm just tired my brother Eugene.

But nontheless, let me be straight-up about Barack Hussein Obama: He is an
ass-kissing cullard Uncle Tom who represents everything that struggle against white domination is not about. He is also the quintessential integrationist color-bound sellout that white liberals feel comfortable around.

Yeah racism ... "articulate" Obama serves its interests well!

Whatever Joe.

Onward with the real struggle!

Black Panther Credit/Bush Image Credit

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Eugene said...

You can't be a part of the problem and truly become part of the solution. There are sell-outs everywhere who hunger for whities power. Fuck that shit! Let's just take it all back and kick the U.S. fucking government off of my land. DON'T VOTE! REVOLT!