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Stop the Genocide: July 14 Mass Rally

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A mass rally will be held in Melbourne on Saturday 14 July, 12:30 pm, as part of an International Day of Action in opposition to the government's escalation of attacks on Indigenous communities and the denial of justice for Mulrunji and other Indigenous people who have been killed in police custody.

Greg Fryer, spokesperson for the Indigenous Social Justice Association, said, "Whilst the Labour opposition has cowardly failed to oppose the sending of police and military forces into Indigenous communities this rally shows that there is massive community opposition to these polices, by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.”

"Howard's intervention goes directly against the recommendations in the Little Children are Sacred Report. Instead, we support the many community-controlled initiatives already underway in Indigenous communities to improve the quality of lives for Indigenous children, women and men. If the politicians were serious about protecting the rights of Indigenous children they would support these community controlled initiatives and provide proper funding."

“At the same time that the federal Government is implementing this despicable land grab the Palm Island community is mourning the denial of justice for Mulrunji after the acquittal of Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley. Indigenous lands continue to be destroyed by mining corporations, and many communities do not have proper health and education services."

On 20/06/07, Brisbane cop Chris Hurley was acquitted of manslaughter and assault of Mulrunji Doomadgee, despite the deputy State Coroner deeming him, responsible for the injuries suffered by Mulrunji Doomadgee leading to his death in the Palm Island watch-house in November 2004. Mr Doomadgee suffered four broken ribs, a ruptured portal vein and severely split liver as result of being struck during what has been described as a watch-house scuffle involving the Police.

Actions are being held through out Australia, New Zealand and in London. A call for a tourist boycott of Australia has begun circulating in the International community.

Robbie Thorpe, from the Krautungalung people of the Gunnai Nation, the traditional owners of Lake Tyers, and a spokesperson for the Black GST and Camp Sovereignty said:

“The Howard Settler Governments invasion of the Northern territory is land-grabbing racism nothing more. This invasion is part of the neo liberal structural adjustment programme of Intuitions such as the World, Bank, and the IMF & APEC to diminish and extinguish Indigenous rights forever.

“It is no surprise to see that the four countries that are blocking the passage of the Draft Declaration of indigenous rights through the United Nations, Australia, New Zealand, United States & Canada, they are the same four states that as part of APEC are raping the marine ocean environment in the Pacific, and are further oppressing & eroding the hard won rights of their Indigenous Nations & Peoples through out the world and within their own countries. What is happening to our brothers and sisters in the NT, is part of that process, part of that genocide.”

We are demanding:

An end to Aboriginal deaths in custody! Justice for Mulrunji and all killed in custody and the proper implementation of the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody!

Land rights not mining rights! No new mines, no new dumps!

Funding for community controlled services, not troops, cops and martial law! Social welfare, not social control!

Aboriginal control of Aboriginal affairs! Treaty NOW!

Greg Fyer concluded, "This rally will bring together Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from across Melbourne in a colourful and vibrant show of support for Indigenous self-determination, land rights and treaty."

The rally is part of an International Day of Action, with rallies being held in cities across Australia and with solidarity rallies happening across the world. A full list of these actions is attached. (See IntelligentaIndigena for full list)


Auckland: Protest this Saturday | Stop the Invasion of Aboriginal Communities

Rally and march in solidarity with the indigenous peoples of Australia's Northern Territory!

11am to 12pm Saturday July 14th, rally and march from Britomart Transport Centre to Australian Consulate.

Please show your opposition to Howards's racist attacks by joining the rally. Bring banners and placards if you can but some will be provided. Organised by A Space Inside anarchists, visting Australian students and Socialist Workers.

We aim to:
- Send a loud and clear message of solidarity to the indigenous peoples suffering from Howard's racist attacks on human rights.
- Raise awareness of issues concerning colonisation and stolen land, racism, family violence, and how indigenous peoples throughout the South Pacific face further loss of land to big mining companies.

We stand in solidarity with the International Day of Action against Howard's land grab-

*Stop the Genocide on Stolen Aboriginal Land

*End Aboriginal deaths in Custody! Justice for Mulrunji and all killed in custody.

*Implement the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody!

*Land rights not mining rights! No new mines, no new dumps!

*Fund community controlled services, not troops, cops and martial law!

*Social well-fair, not social control!

*Aboriginal control of Aboriginal affairs! Treaty NOW!

Ōtepoti/ Dunedin

12pm onwards in the Octagon. The crew in Dunedin will be setting up a Tent Embassy.

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