Sunday, July 29, 2007

In that Storm

So you put
Your finger
In that Storm

Where an eye

A long time

You threw
Your hands
Into the air

Beside a trolley
And border
Of symbols

In that storm
That started

And a long time

Your pointed finger
Was scorn
And still

You threw
Your hands
Into the air

But until forever
And now
For that storm
To be untold

I would have to
Be unborn

And you

You knew when
And then
You put your finger

In that storm



Dione said...

I like this ridwan :)
Why am I thinking naughty things when I read it though. I'm just bad thats why. ;)
You have many signatures now on the Australian issue. Thats great! I found it interesting that my Australian co worker, had no idea this was going on in her homeland. I'm sending her the information. Also, I had a customer recently who was visiting from there. She was of some European decent, I didn't identify the language she was speaking to her daughter, but I found a way to say "hey theres a lot going on in country right now", not it a stupid way- I promise lol,,,, anyway she just rolled her eyes at me, and didn't buy anything because it wasn't shit quality enough.
Hope your trip is going well, let me know how your doing,

Ridwan said...

Good luck with the job interview Dione. You deserve to be happy and appreciated.

Thanks for the comment. I put that up in two minds.

And no it is not about those "naughty" thoughts.

Though in a postmodern way it could be about anything.

But it is about a 'friend' putting her ass where her mouth should be ... and that is all.

Be good my friend.


Ridwan said...

Oh yeah Dione ... I am luvin' the signatures.

Wish the numbers would grow some more.

But, it is a great number given our limited reach.

Be good and thanks for looking in.