Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Still Writing and OK en Mexico

Hey just in case you think I have been too silent here let me just say that I have been noisy as usual elsewhere.

OK, so Tom of Automatic Preference has had a really great and useful discussion on race and whiteness on his blog.

I have weighed in there and he has posted an edited comment of mine as a blog entry too. Please read the Declartions of Whiteness post and comments for context.

Eugene of PudgyIndian2 has written two posts in response to some of the discussion. I think that the discussion of institutional violence is very important and I really recommend you stop by and say hello to Eugene. Well on his blog that is ... he is, afterall, a busy brother with a really whack work schedule.

I see that our Tourist Boycott of Australia Campaign signatures are still coming in, albeit slowly. Please encourage folks to sign up. I will renew my efforts and email folks again when I get back to Portland this Saturday.

In the meantime, this post is just to let you know that I am still obsessed with things that relate to race and racism. It is a good thing Anisa and it may be time to put that book together ... wonder if Rosalita wants an editing job that pays .... ummmmm .... nothing and some coffee.

Hey if you see me moms tell her I am OK. Yeah that would be you Cliff ... and while you at it say the same to me pops and the dogs ... yeah even the boerbull. Please broer! I will bring you back some Tequila in January.


Ps. If anyone in Joburg is close to Mooi, ummmmm ... the brother is unusually more whack than ever. His forwarded emails are making me worry. Please look in and make sure he is OK too ... he seems too damn happy. Sorry Guru the intervention process has begun!

###Another and final Ps###

Tom just directed me to Dave of Wandering the Ether blog and I must say that I am simply in awe of what he is doing. Way to go Dave and I am not saying that because you have highlighted my commentary. What you are doing is truly courageous and admirable. I will holla later and hope that my readers hop over to your blog now!



Tom Autopref said...

Ridwan, hey. I hope you're enjoying your trip.

Is it ok that I excerpted and reposted that comment of yours? It seemed to help me get my own mind back on the original thoughts about "invisibility of whiteness."

I didn't want to return to the more personal thread again, it may have been productive but it's done. So that's why I cut that part.

I probably should have checked with you first, though.


Tom Autopref said...

I should really say that I don't know whether the original thread is done or not. But I wanted to start a new thread that focuses on back on what I was originally trying to understand.

By the way, if you check out Dave's blog, he is now posting about white privilege and standing up to some critics on it.

Ridwan said...

Hey there Tom.

Truthfully, I am a little bored with being away and on the road so much. In the last year or so I have travelled a little too much I think.

Anyway, you did not have to check with me on the re'post brother.

I am again honored to get prominent time on your blog.

Thanks for your active voice brother. I think the last two or so days answers what you asked about the purpose of blogging.

And I am happy to know that Dave is taking a stand. He is a brove man!

I am going over to his blog now to see.


ps. you have my email address when I comment ... please feel to write me there too.

Ridwan said...

ummm Tom, that is ... please feel free to write to my email address if you want or need.

This keyboard man.

I very impressed with Dave. I read some of the Nazi'like crap that has been thrown his way already.

Now why did we know that sh#t was gonna happen.

Be well Tom.


ps. You too Dave!

Dave J said...

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to help me get right on this. You could have easily dismissed me, but you didn't. I am grateful that we crossed paths in this life, at this time, when it is not too late for me to understand. Man, I thought I knew, but am reminded again that I know nothing. This is good.

I linked to you on my blog, because I want others to read what you said to me, and to know you and your works. Please let me know if I should change it, or credit you in a different way than what is there. I know I should have asked first, but my spirit was in real need to share it, the beginning of atonement maybe, I don't know.

Thank you.

Eugene said...

Good to hear your having a good time and will be back in Portland soon. You have to meet my buddy, the Blackfoot Solicitor General, Jim Craven. He actually indicted the U.S. and Canada for the crimes of genocide against the Blackfoot nation.

Ridwan said...

Dave I am honored to be linked to your blog and even more so to know that you found my comments helpful.

I have said on your blog that I admire the bold steps you have taken.

You have a good support group too ... judging by your comments section. And that is invaluable. Count me among them.

Good deal man. Let the sabotaging begin ... and it has hey.

We all have a lot to learn. And I have certainly done that from your words and your brave actions.

OK, so holla when you can and I will do the same.


Ridwan said...

Hey Eugene!

I really want to meet Jim Craven and hear first hand about the indictment.

These kind of acts are the mettle of struggle. And as you know the system is busy obscuring folks like Jim all the time.

If more would know then we would never feel like we are losing.

We are not.

I cant wait to see you man. Be well my brother!


Eugene said...

I'll try to link the indictment on my blog. He has a lot of his legal work on the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies out of the University of Minnesota.

Professor Zero said...

I hope you blog about Mexico, your impressions would be interesting to read.

Ridwan said...

Thanks Prof Zero. I have been to Mexico several times in the last decade. For pleasure, and for academic conferences.

Mexico reminds me of South Africa.

The issues of development, race, racism, sexism, etc, are similar or at least they appear so to me.

But I am conflicted on saying too much. I need to think through some of my observations about border issues.

Particularly those that intersect with race/class and San Diego and Tijuana.

Anyway, I may give it a shot and see what forms.

Right now I am just trying to adjust to being back stateside and wanting to be in South Africa.

A longstanding entanglement really.

By the way, I have listed your blog in my Notable Blogroll ... hope this is OK with you.

I really enjoy reading your posts and look to do regularly.

Peace and struggle,