Monday, October 08, 2007

Genocide Day in the Americas

Today is officially Columbus Day in the US and Thanksgiving Day in Canada.

Columbus Day "is a holiday celebrating the anniversary of the October 12, 1492 arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas" according to Wikepedia.


This day marks the MASS GENOCIDE of Native peoples on this side of the world. There is nothing to celebrate!

Folks took to the streets to protest against a Columbus Day parade in Denver on Saturday.

AP reports that "Police arrested 83 Columbus Day Parade protesters including American Indian Movement activist Russell Means after fake blood and dismembered baby dolls were poured on the parade route ..."

Goyaałé (Geronimo) fought all he could.



Eugene said...

Praise be to Geronimo.

I wasn't too happy when some folks declared 10-12 indigenous day. The day marking our genocide? I don't like that. But little to no one recognizes this, either. Or was it the federally recognized day? Like is today indigenous day? I don't know and I don't give a fuck.

What I do find most interesting, and I point it out everytime Chris day comes around...Why do folks Love Killers so damned much? I don't get it. Andy Jackson on the $20. George Bush as resident. Norman Schwarpzkopf. Winston Churchill...Etc. I don't get it. Some sort of psychological disconnect or something.

Ridwan said...

Good question brother.

Does someone know?

Why does whiteness love genocidal murderers so much?

Anyone wanna take a stab?

Why the hell can't Columbus be seen for what he represents?

Damn, he did not 'discover' sh*t.

What we 'discovered' is that whiteness has no moral limit.

Vietnam and Iraq are just two extensions of our ongoing 'discovery'...

And we have to put up with the revisionists like Michael Medved who want us to believe that slavery was not so bad.

And, that the Indians died of disease and not because of a purposeful genocide.

Who the hell is this moron Michael Medved anyway? And why is he rehashing all that bull that Jared Diamond wrote in 'Guns, Germs, and Steel'?

I'm with you here ... still baffled after all these years ...

But, I am tired of looking for reason to understand what whiteness has thrust on us ... just tired.

I am more convinced with each day that a peaceful end to white domination is not possible.



Andre' S. said...

Columbus Day?

When will Native Americans finally

get the RESPECT that is due them?

Thank you Prof Ridwan, I agree

with your statements....THANK

YOU brother.

Andre' S.

Ridwan said...

Hey Andre' thanks for looking in brother. By the way it is great to have you attend the "Racism" lectures.

Best wishes brother!