Tuesday, November 20, 2007

10 000 "Feared" Dead in Bangladesh

The chairman of the Bangladeshi Red Crescent Society, Mohammad Abdur Rob, told Al Jazeera that 3 000 people are "confirmed dead" as a result of Cyclone Sidr but that he feared "the death toll may be as high as 10,000."

In the same report Oxfam states that:"The numbers of the death toll is rising and there has been a sharp increase in the last 24 hours. There are a lot of areas we still haven't reached."

The size of the still unfolding tragedy is simply mind numbing. This Al Jazeera video report (November 19) gives some indication of the devastation and the extent of suffering that has been caused by Cyclone Sidr.

"Cyclone Sidr is the worst to have hit the country since 1991 when nearly 143,000 people died in a cyclone and tidal surge," according to the news report.

I wonder if this is what Bush means when he talks about "climate change" ... I guess we should just keep burning fossil fuels and waging petrol wars until the whole world is one big greasy pond. After all, global warming is just a myth and those Hummers are so handy for driving the kids to the mall!

Marvin Gaye said it right then. And so it is!

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