Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hope and Humanity

Lakshmi is a 2 year old Indian girl who was born with with four arms and four legs.

A news report says that she "was born joined at the pelvis to a 'parasitic twin' that stopped developing in her mother's womb. The surviving fetus absorbed the limbs, kidneys and other body parts of the undeveloped fetus."

Sparsh Hospital in Bangalore decided that Lakshmi deserved to live a normal life.

A team of 30 doctors joined forces and successfully completed a 24 hour surgery on Lakshmi and have described the results as better than expected.

The team worked through the night "reconstructing Lakshmi's lower body ... transplanting a good kidney ... from the twin (and also) ... used tissue from the twin to help rebuild the pelvic area, one of the most complicated parts of the surgery."

Dr. Sharan Patil (pictured with Lakshmi) who led the team said the operation went "wonderfully well".

Lakshmi's parents were not able to afford the $$625,000 for the surgery but Sparsh Hospital decided to do it free of charge.

This is a wonderful story about the will of humanity. I recognize that there is also some professional advertizing beneath the story. Still, I cannot but believe that most of us will hold onto the miracle that the surgery represents for Lakshmi and her parents.

The matter of hope and humanity struck me in this story after I looked at the picture of this teenage gunman who killed 8 people at a school in southern Finland today.

I do not intend to balance these stories for any other reason than to contest the notion that humanity can be so easily described as "overrated" or worthless.

Lakshmi's story is uplifting. And when I look at her family in this picture, and rest the story in my hands, I am hopefull. How about you?


Eugene said...

That's amazing.

OK, my hatred of doctors (a prejudicial hate, not a fear hate) is subsiding.

Dione said...

This is a beautiful heart warming story about humanity. Often times, the world can be a cruel dark cold place, but this is a good story! Indeed, the hospital and doctors have prospered by their notoriety, as well as the contributions they can have in publications ect. This is also a good time for the world to see how there are good doctors all over the world. I think this is a relevant point, with your recent good discussions on the brain drain on societies.

Dione said...

I have fear hate of Doctors, and the industry is full of cheating people. I'm glad to see a good story like this, where science is good :)

Anonymous said...

The operation was successful and I'm glad the hospital did it for free, even if its for advertising purposes. Whats important, that child will have a good life.

As for the random shooting in Finland, I'm glad the killer is dead. I wish someone else triggered the gun on him instead and put the fear of death. Sounds cold.. yeah.. but who the hell gives him the right to say who lives and dies.

sigh..breath... breath...

shy giraffe

Dade said...

It is good to hear this story (about the girl in India). Regarding the motives of the hospital and doctors: does it really matter? Regardless of whether they were motivated by atruism, personal ambition, or greed, they performed a good deed. I know that if I look closely and honestly at my own motives, oftentimes I come away feeling ill-at-ease. Hell with it! Let the good deed stand on its own. The rest is all ambiguous and unknowable, like God.


Dione said...


Ridwan said...

Hey there Eugene I'm with you here brother. I'm humbled.

Dione thanks for saying this is about humanity. I absolutely agree.

Hey Gigi it is good to hear you sista! Salaams to you and yes, it is about Lakshmi hey. May she be happy.

Dade my brother I hear you loud and clear. You are right, it is the deed that counts. Screw the doubts about underlying motives.

Thanks to you me peoples.

We are more than just a conflicted mass of humanity for sure.



Dione said...

This is one of those great human storys, where everyone can agree that its right to save a life, and its completely right to creat a better life! If the doctors get notary, and funds for their research, it shows that everything works out in the end. A very good thing.


Dione said...

There is a really interesting story on Lakshmi in the site

Ridwan said...

Thanks for the link Dione.