Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Not So "Quiet Storm"

In the last four days this song has been playing on the oldie station and it caught my attention. I can't say that I even heard it before. In fact I had to play with the title until I found it on YouTube.

Anyway, last night I turned off the car in the driveway and I was singing along with the catchy chorus. And then this morning I started the car and hey ... it was playing again.

Coincidence? Ummmmmm maybe.

But then I was leaving work and started the car and what was playing? ... yeah you guessed right.

Ummmmm is this song stalking me or the car?

This then my not so "Quiet Storm" from the left-coast where the question is:"Who Loves You?"



Dade said...

Synchronicity, my friend. It adds beauty to our existence.

Dione said...

Listen to that song..
It's always amazing how that stuff happens.


Anonymous said...

My momma loves me!!!....lmao. I'm giggling just typing that

You walking down memory lane there my brother?.. hee hee

=:O) shy giraffe

ps: this the first time i heard of this song