Saturday, December 22, 2007

Japan Massacres Whales

I remember watching whales from the shores of Saldanha on South Africa's West Coast. It was an amazing sight to behold and I was humbled by their shear size and grace as they seemed to frolic in the cold waters close to the Military University where I taught.

I don't know too much about whales, but it easy to see that these are no ordinary beings. For this reason, I am horrified at the annual whaling expeditions that Japan undertakes.

What the hell hey?

Is there really a need to kill 1000 plus whales for whatever reason. Japan reportedly says that they are whaling for science.


What kind of science needs the industrial slaughter of 1000 whales in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary?

And where are all those eco-colonialists who point fingers at the Makah?

Japan says that it has "temporarily" removed the endangered humpback whale from its slaughter list.

Austalia has taken a strong stance against Japan's intentions in the Antartic. Ummmm, do you know that the new enviromental minister in occupied Australia is the frontman from Midnight Oil ...?

Yes Shush li, The Hon Peter Garrett MP, Member for Kingsford Smith (NSW), is that "beds are burning" bloke. Wonder if he will be able to stop his prime minister from advancing on the oppressed bodies of Aborigines?

I am not holding me breath on that count.

It would be great if Japan's major trading partners force the issue through diplomatic and other channels.

The Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, is considering bringing a case against Japan in the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

I do not expect that the South African government will say or do a damn thing. You tell me what you think the US will say or do.

If the whaling massacre continues I for one will stop buying anything made in Japan even if it is nearly impossible to do so.

You can read the BBC's Diary: Jonah and the Whale-Chasers to keep current with Greenpeace's efforts to interfere with Japan's massacre of whales.

Peace and struggle.

Ps. Yo Tony those Ducati's and Triumph motorcycles are starting to look mighty attractive about now hey?

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Dione said...

Whales are very beautiful creatures. They are indangered for many reasons. I wonder how many people know that whale oil was used in perfume until around 1990???
The only whaling I support is by Native Americans who have the right to use it for religious/ceremonial reasons. These people use the whole whale, and do not believe in any waste, thus honoring what they have taken.

Must have been extraordinary to watch them when you were in Saldanha. Japan is full of shit. I could understand one whale for science but not a thousand pluss. They are using the talow in products to support their industry. Again those products that contain animal products which the general public is not aware. There better not be any whale parts in my Scion, lol.