Thursday, December 06, 2007

Journeying through Goodbyes

I have had much practice in the art of saying goodbye. At least I think it is an art of sorts.

But as the strike of moments that count time edges forward it has become more difficult.

In just hours I will be on my way to South Africa via Amsterdam. All of my needed goodbyes are done.

I want to be reflective here and say something that can stick to a blog partly inspired by an endless journeying through goodbyes.

But all I can muster is the will to write and say thanks to those who have journeyed along this time. My heart is full of your goodwill.

So I am hopeful about returning to the "Soil" of our common humanity.

And I promise to keep appearing here and elsewhere with my hands and my politics immersed in what we must do.



Erica C. said...

Onward indeed! You will be truly missed.

Shus li said...

We already miss you.

Onward, Brotha Rid

Dione said...

I can hardly put into words about how sad I am for your leaving. The map of Africa reminds me of your going to the other side of the world, and how far you will be.
I do want to say, how proud I am of you. This wonderful blog has won an award which is great. You inform people of important issues, and have found a way to broadcast it all over the world.
I am also proud to know you, and the powerful impact you will have when you return to South Africa. No doubt you will be recognized for your many wonderful qualities wherever your travels take you.

Dade said...

Fare thee well, Ridwan. Come back to Portland one day. You'll be missed.

Safe journeys, my friend.

Your comrade,


Ridwan said...

Thank you Erica you are kind and I will most definitely miss you. I will be reading you so keep writing. Peace to you and your loved ones.

Shush li what can I say my sista. You have brought so much into my life in just months. Thank you for the power you bring to struggle. Thank you for teaching.

Dione thank you so very much. I am honoured by your generous words. I am proud of you too. Your guts and determination will serve to make your presence known and appreciated. Keep pushing hard for what you believe in Dione. You are an amazing human being.

Dade I am sad that we never met in person during my time in PDX. But my comrade you are for sure. Please keep writing that edge. It is important work. Peace to you brother and thanks for your well wishes.


Ana said...

Tena Koe Ridwan

Have a safe and wonderful journey back to your homeland, I'm off to Aotearoa in a couple of weeks and cant wait. Strengthen your warrior spirit and resolve and give our greetings and love to Mother Africa.


Respect & Regards

Ridwan said...

Ana thank you kindly for your wishes here. I will pass your greetings to our "Soil" and our "Mother" for sure.

I hope one day you and yours will visit and be my guest.

I know you cannot wait to be in Aotearoa. Please pass my greetings to your family and comrades.

I will holla at ya in the new year and catch up on your doings.

Thanks for keeping me inspired and fired up this year my sista.

Amandla for sure!

Peace and struggle,

Eugene said...

Gonna miss ya, Bra!

Ridwan said...

Thanks brother Eugene. I bought a book by Vine Deloria Jr called "Red God" for the flight home.

You be well and holla when you can.

Thanks for everything my brother.


Grayce Fayce said...

Oh Ridwan,
my inspiration...the blame for my sinicism..haha just kiddning!
but real talk, i am coming to Cape Town and taking some classes from you. I already miss you, I had such a blast hanging out before you left. Im glad we got to do that. Im also amazed that my first term at PSU enhanced my view of the way the world works and its all thanks to you, Ridwan.
Your outspoken intelligence is very much respected and I look forward to future encounters with you.
thank you so much for being my favorite professor ever.
you kick ass!
Grayce Bentley

Rick Hanjan said...

Professor Ridwan,

Thank you for such a wonderful term. I really enjoyed being in your class. Also, many thanks for your help with my grad school personal statements. I will keep in touch with you over any new updates.

I wish you all the best with your new job and life in South Africa.


Rick Hanjan

Tom said...

Have a good trip, Ridwan.

Chelsea said...

Safe journey, Ridwan! I'll be thinking of you. Wave at Table Mt. for me and send my best to Fatima.

Meggin said...

Although I've already said my goodbyes, cried, said some more and cried some more, I thought I'd say it one more time to further ensure your understanding...I MISS YOU SO MUCH ALREADY!!!! However no sadness cause I know you'll see your beige sistas again SOON. I'm glad your home and I'll talk to you soon. I'm happy that we were once again blessed to benefit from your knowledge...I know that you'll continue to represent to the the fullest wherever you go, and just know that I will continue to represent over here in the good'ol US of A (the US and good, that's funny)

Lindsay said...

It was a very sad feeling I had knowing that it would be so long before I am able to see and learn from you once again. You have furthered my journey by just being on yours. I am truly grateful for the knowledge I have gained from being in your presence, the laughter you brought to my life and the warmth that surrounds you and your heart. I am not such a believer in fate but when it comes to teachers it seems there really just are a few that I was meant to know. you are one of those teachers. you have inspired my life. there are not many more words I can use to express my gratitude. thank you for being all of these things for me Ridwan.


Ridwan said...

Grayce you make me smile lil' sista. I can't wait for your visit home. Thank you for your kind words :0)

Hey there Rick. You are welcome my lil' brother. I wish you all of the best for pharmacy school. Keep me posted when you can. Thanks my lil' brother.

Thanks for looking in Tom. I trust you are well brother!

Chelsea I will tell me moms you said Hi. I will be in Cape Town in early January and will relay your wave then. Be good.

Meggin climb aboard a plane and come visit will ya. I miss you my sista. And thank you ever so kindly for being in my life.

Lindsay I can hardly wait for your visit to South Africa. You and Chelsea should holla about study abroad in South Africa. She did it a couple of years ago. Thanks for your words of support ... I am feeling the luv for sure :)

Thanks again to all you wonderful people ... I am one lucky brother!

Peace and struggle,