Monday, December 31, 2007

Kenya Burns

The Mail & Guardian reports that almost 130 people have died in overnight unrest "that erupted following President Mwai Kibaki's re-election."

Opponents of President Kibaki allege that he rigged last week's presidential elections.

Kibaki responded with orders to clamp down on dissent and shoot to kill where needed.

On Sunday the White House congratulated Kibaki on his election. On Monday, the White House would not repeat the sentiment.

I guess Bush will know when an election has been stolen.

Ain't this age of democracy just grand to behold?


***Update***(January 1, 2008)
The BBC reports that 30 people, including children, have been burned to death by a rioting mob in the western town of Eldoret.

The Mail and Guardian reports that the death toll in the past 5 days of unrest has climbed to 299 so far.


Shus li said...

I've been listening to this on the news, and am sick and saddened by what is being done to these who are demanding to be heard. My heart goes out to these, especially now seeing images here. Then I sit in shame for the U.S. in review of the past two presidential elections, stolen with barely a peep. The government here doesn't need to use force (yet) to suppress the citizens; they are so sheepish they just shrug, eat a MacDonald's cheeseburger, and say "OK." They have sacrificed their democracy.

Thank you for bringing this to our clearer focus.

Love and Struggle,

Dade said...

Tragedy. The worst of it? Very few people in America will even be aware of the suffering.

Of course, the US has squandered any legitimacy it may once have had to demand free and fair elections.

Please keep us informed, Ridwan. Your blog is where I go first, when I want news from Africa.

Peace, brother.


Ridwan said...

It is indeed horrible Shush li. I just read that a 1988 Olympian was hacked to death near his farm in Kenya.

Kenyans in South Africa are taking to the streets here to raise awareness and appeal for calm.

**Hey there Dade. Thanks for looking in brother. I am looking at you to explain the Iowa caucus ... guess we will know tomorrow hey.