Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Load Shedding

The lights go out all the time in South Africa. They call it load shedding. I call it poor planning and inept governance.

I need a candle and a real revolution.



Erica said...

Would "We shall overcome" due?

Ridwan said...

It is longggggg overdue Erica.


nunya said...

When Enron energy traders intentionally shut down capacity in order to overcharge the state of California they called them "brown-outs" or "rolling blackouts."

Good luck hon,

hang in there :)

TKTRADER said...

I just happened to have oppened a blog on exactly that issue of load shedding.

Ridwan said...

Hello Nunya!

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for reminding me about the rolling blackouts in Cali.

I was praying today that the lights would not go out during the Federer-Djokovic semi final from Melbourne.

It did not.


Now it is scheduled to go out tonight for 3 or so hours!

The government just declared a national electricity emergency.

Dumb asses should have been working on this issue a decade ago when a policy document warned that this would happen in 2007.

At that point President Mbeki did not think it a priority to expand electrical output.

I need an aspirin and a candle.


Ridwan said...

tktrader thanks for the heads-up on your new blog.

I will look in after this for sure.