Friday, January 18, 2008

Mozambique Flooded

Al Jazeera says the United Nations estimates that 72 000 people in Mozambique have been displaced by flooding.

In 2001 Mozambique suffered through similar flooding. Approximately 700 people lost their lives then.

The expectation now is that the flooding will be worse as it continues to storm.

All of this flooding is, of course, not a result of global warming! This kind of devastation is just normal climate change.

Just ask W.


Shus li said...

These poor souls. Pray their needs are met.

Oh, right. No global warming anywhere. Aren't we glad something like this could never happen in the "Great and Glorious" (to quote Eugene) U.S.? I mean, we would NEVER allow our citizens to be flooded and permanently displaced!

unless they were Black and living on prime real estate....then maybe

Ridwan said...

Excellent points my sista Shush li.

Thanks for your comments.


nunya said...

the way you put that was funny, thanks, I needed a giggle.

Ridwan said...

I am always happy to know you are giggling Nunya.

That W. dude sure knows hisself a lot about environments and economies.

Mr. Strategerie.


dione said...

Look at that beautiful little girl in the red shirt!
In this real humaness, its really too bad that were spending money in Iraq hurting people, than lending a helping hand to those who need it.
I have always been a little intrigued by Mozambique. Ridwan have you been there yet??

laila said...

slmz ridwaan

Its pouring buckets in jozi south, and your article makes us feel very grateful. you state the facts like no other.laila and ziyaad miss you brother

Ridwan said...

Hello Dione:

I have been to Mozambique many times.

The first time was when I was just 11 or so.

Beautiful country.

Peace Dione.


Ridwan said...

Salaams Laila.

Wow it is great to read you here. I am so sorry to have missed you on your birthday.

I wish you were still here at home. You are sorely missed and so is Ziyaad.

Thanks for your kind words my sista. It reaches deep.

Stay dry and safe in Jozi then, I hope to see you soon.

Peace and love,

ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... if even belated. Ummm did I say I miss you guys :0)