Wednesday, January 09, 2008

South Africa's Dumbest Criminal

South Africa is known to be beset by crime, particularly violent crime.

On any day you can dial into News24, for example, and get your hourly update on an array of criminal incidents all over the country.

Crime makes it hard to just live without being caged into houses with steel gates and steel burglar bars covering windows.

We are very much a nation living our post-apartheid freedom in fear of crime and the criminals of every stripe.

AnyHowze, I came across what is said to be the dumbest criminal in South Africa.

According to police in Pretoria:

"(A) man walked into a station to report that he had been held up at gunpoint by a gang who had stolen his mobile phone.

But when the detective phoned the number of the phone reportedly stolen, it rang in the complainant's pocket."

The man who is 25 was left speechless when the phone rang. He could not explain why the phone rang in his pocket.

The police checked the serial number on the phone and it matched the one the man said was stolen.

The dumbass was then booked for perjury. :0)


Dade said...

Well, it's reassuring to me, at least, that America is not the only place that produces idiots.


Ridwan said...

Hey there Dade. Thanks for looking in here brother.

I guess Darwin would be wrong about the evolutionary ugrade thesis in this case ;0)

Be well,

Erica said...

Wow! How did you find out about my cousin BeBe? LOL

Ridwan said...

You crack me up Erica. Be good now ;0)