Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Uncle Tom for President

I am not an Obama fan nor am I a Hillary fan. They both suck and I wanted to avoid writing anything new about their tired politics here.

So I went back to see when I wrote more directly and found that my mind has hardly changed from that brash time not too long ago :0)

Why in heavens name do thinking people expect anything of substance from Obama?

He is an apologist for the occupation of Palestine by Israel. He voted to renew Condi Rice's appointment. He voted to fund the Iraq war and he voted to renew the Patriot Act. And I am not even gonna touch his corporate ties here.

What is progressive about this beige fool?

He looks like Hillary and she looks like George W. Bush. Birds of a feather my broer. And believe me that being anti-Barack is not being anti-Black, in fact it is decidedly the exact opposite.

Thanks to The Unapologetic Mexican for this image. It tells more than I want to write tonight. I'm just tired my brother Eugene.

But nontheless, let me be straight-up about Barack Hussein Obama: He is an
ass-kissing cullard Uncle Tom who represents everything that struggle against white domination is not about. He is also the quintessential integrationist color-bound sellout that white liberals feel comfortable around.

Yeah racism ... "articulate" Obama serves its interests well!

Onward with the real struggle!

Ps. for those bras of mine who think that Obama has a chance of being president in white dominated America, all I can say is .... ummmmmmm no! ;0)


Dade said...

Well, Ridwan, I can't argue with any of the points you've made. I will say, though, that I believe Obama is not so much malevolent as he is an empty suit. I agree: his stated principles are beige. But he has shown an ability to sense which way the wind is blowing and then adapt so as to appear to be out in front of it.

That's where I hold out hope. Obama surged in Iowa only after he started adopting some of the populist, anti-corporate rhetoric that John Edwards has been using since 2004. If Obama comes to believe that his best chance for the presidency is to transform himself into a progressive, he may well do so.

I suppose it comes down to the American public. If voters can resist the spin and lies of the corporate media and their batch of candidates, they just might be able to persuade Obama to be a genuine populist.

On the other hand, to place much hope in American voters' ability to sense truth seems to be a pretty long-odds wager.

But what the hell? If I can't hope, what have I got?

Be well.

Shus li said...

I have zero objections to Obama based solely upon his skin shade. As you know, I am of mixed blood, am light-complected, but identify as Native American. Also, I see "African American" people who are nearly as light as I am, and whose communities accept them as African American. So, I will not discount Obama's claims to being African American just because he is beige.

But I agree that he probably won't stand up for his "people," which negates his claim to being African American far more than his light hue. Besides, his racial identity is about all he's got going for him, if that, and that's not enough.

Having said that, I agree that he is a shade that is likely more palatable to the U.S. voters. Kind of like Vanessa Williams, first Miss America, and rather light-skinned.

In addition to the discussion around race, I think that candidates don't make it to the election unless they have corporate, especially military-industrial, backing. They are all rotten, in my opinion. Except Kucinich and maybe Edwards.

November 2008 will be another exercise in futility of voting for the lesser evil.

Ridwan said...

Thanks kindly for your comments Dade and Shush li.

I have no qualms with his identity claims.

His politics are beige and this makes him more acceptable.

It is funny though to see Hillary struggle to pin race on a race-less Obama.

Race is a reality in the US and so is gender discrimination.

That these two have now agreed to avoid race and gender in their campaigns is just laughable.

What is more true is that Obama can't speak for his race and Hillary can't speak for her gender.

Neither one is credible on this and more.

But both are clearly establishment players ... the same establishment that supports Bush.

In these terms, it really does not matter which one of these two make it to the white house.

The are playing the same game.


nezua said...

What is more true is that Obama can't speak for his race and Hillary can't speak for her gender.

Neither one is credible on this and more.

great insight.

and i appreciate your viewpoint on the post.

those moments i do dare to feel hopeful at all about obama, it is probably only in contrast to larger disappointments, and because...i (foolishly?) hope that he is breaking a barrier that must first be broken by someone "safe" to the USA's undercurrents of racism. i assume we can move toward more truthful candidates who truly do represent in increments. what do you think of that idea? because i haven't made up my mind about it.

in the end...i am utterly disappointed by all the people of who the system approves. and by system, i guess i mean "many/most of us."

great blog.


Ridwan said...

Thanks for looking in and for your comment Paz.

Your blog is one of my favourites.

I agree with your opinion of the "system" and its relationship to who rises to the top.

I like to remind those who put their faith in the electorate to remember that the same electorate returned Bush to the White House.

Peace to you.


Cero said...

I'd like to think getting Obama would mean we could get a more progressive Black candidate later, but as it is we can't even seem to get a progressive white male candidate ... or white female one. I saw a post saying look, people are going for Clinton, Obama, and at maximum Edwards, but not anyone more progressive, and that means the voters are not ready for actual change, only for putting Black and/or female faces on the status quo. Depressing but perhaps true.

And yes, that Obama can't speak for his race, nor Clinton for her gender, that is true and key.

Ridwan said...

Cero I think that is absolutely true. The electorate in general would not know what to do with a more lefty candidate in any terms.

Forget leftist or radical.

I think that Obama will prove to be bad for race relations in general. His posturing is in keeping with the mistaken notion that race has been largely solved in the US.

A notion that he mostly sees tied to individuals and not to the system.

In this sense, he is the best Black politician the system can hope for.

He is out of touch on race in the US, he is just another suit, if even an empty one as Dade might say.


nunya said...

But, but, but, Ridwaaaaaan,

Obama gives great speech.

doesn't vote a whole lot, though, does he?

Ridwan said...

Hey the Nunya! Thanks for the link, he sure does not vote much.

And when you listen past his manner of delivering nothing one hears ... well, nothing.

Be well.