Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kawasaki Z1

In the early 1970s this beautiful bike made me wish I was old enough to ride.

Remember Tony?

***Update(February 24)***

Hey Dione your comment on this post made me do a little digging on the Kawasaki Z1000p like Ponch and Jon rode on "CHiPs" (1977-1983).

This picture, thanks to the Police Motorcycle Historical Association, depicts a 1975 police version of the bike they rode. Both are derivatives of the Z1000.



Erica said...

Ok, I'll admit. Nice bike! You're winning me over on this one!


Dione said...


Seriously, nice bike. It looks like a late 70's bike but I could be wrong. Timeless in a way too.

I think even Eric Estrada would have been happy to see this one.

Ridwan said...

You need to ride Erica. :0)


Ridwan said...

Dione you are sharp and absolutely right.

The Z1000P (p for police) was used in CHipS and also in Starsky and Hutch (1975-1979).

The newer ChiPS motorcycles are
Kawasaki KZ1000 bikes.

In the early 80s I had a KZ1000 (black) Kawasaki for a minute.

And in 2000 I had a green Eddie Lawson replica Kawasaki ZRX1000.

I am a big Kwacker (Kawasaki) fan and so is my boy Tony in Melbourne.

He has a ZX10 Kawasaki which is a sportbike and very modern racer. Nothing like the bike in the post and the ones I talk about above.

Now if Kawasaki could only start winning in SuperBike and MotorGP races!

I watched the opening races of SuperBike from Losail (Qatar) on Saturday.

Kawasaki did not fair well in either the liter bike or 600cc class.

Ducati is King. And Suzuki.

Can you tell I like talking about bikes?

Be well Dione.


Dione said...

Right on!
You feel about bikes,the way I feel about vintage cars :)
My favorites are late fifties to early to mid sixties.

There is something special about the bikes of this era you discuss via chips. I feel that this is when perhaps, bikes got a little more techical but cool rather than some of the extras you see today that almost take away from a riding experience, but this is merely an observation from someone who clearly does not ride.