Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Weights and Beetroot Juice

New research has found that "Weight training could be as effective as endurance exercises like running when it comes to burning fat and warding off diabetes," according to the BBC.

In another report the BBC describes research that suggests 500ml of beetroot juice significantly reduces blood pressure.

Ummmm Cliff, that is 500ml of beetroot juice. 500ml is about a can and a half of soda, right?

So, I guess lifting bags of beetroot is called for to ward off diabetes and lower blood pressure.

I don't know though, 500ml of beetroot juice can't be pleasant hey.

Maybe the weights is enough. Hope so.

But just in case you wanna increase your beetroot intake, you can find some interesting recipes here.

I'm off to the gym. Tomorrow!

Honest broer :0)


Dione said...

As you know, my aunt died a very slow death due to Diabetes. I am always in favor of new treatments, and eating well. A high protein diet, low in sugar is always recommended. I would assume beet root juice, has significantly less sugar than beets themselves have.

Did you know Dandelion is good for your liver? If the inside of your hand is peeling, you may not have dry skin. A very interesting fact from my homeopathic friend.

When you watch someone loose their eye site, function of their extremities, heart failure and all of their arteries calcifies I just can’t stress enough how serious type one, or type two diabetes is.

I know they are working on a procedure for the pancreas so that it may secrete its’ own insulin. That looks very promising for those who are brittle diabetics like my aunt.

Take care,

Shus li said...

Hi Cuz

I'm glad to see you found the after-beetroot-juice picture of me and posted it to your blog. Thanks!

I'm looking for beet-pulp uses now.

See you at the gym.

Ridwan said...

Hello Dione:

I have been reading a little about beetroot.

I found some mention that it has been shown to be good for depression and even in treatments for cancer.

Your mention about sugar did, however, make me wonder what that would mean for folks watching sugars.

Beet has the highest sugar content of any vegetable, even sweet corn.

Beet is low in calories though.

I have not found any information that cautions diabetics about eating beetroot.

I am going to do a little more looking when I can.

I did not know that Dandelion is good for your liver.

Mmmmmm ... I need to do some reading.

One of the sad parts of my return to SAfrica is that the standard and variety of veggies and fruit is not the same.

The standard was high in the past.

Now it is very hard to buy quality produce that is not prohibitively expensive.

This is particularly sad given that SAfrica is such a fertile country.

Thanks for your comment. I trust that you are well.


Ridwan said...

Hello Sista Shush li.

I knew you would not mind me using your picture without permission.

I expect that beet pulp is good for composting.

I did make it to the gym today and even had some sliced beet with my afternoon salad.

Does Eugene like beetroot?

I trust you are well sista.


Dione said...

My most favorite book of all time for herbal medicine is:
Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet by, Ibn Al Qayyim

This is a must read if you are interested in natural health, especially if you are interested or curious about Islamic Herbal Medicine.

The book is an encyclopedia of many age old herbs and remedies. There are recipes, and traditional uses outlined.

I have been fascinated by this for about eight years. I credit Black Seed, (Nigella Sativa) - not to be confused with flax seed; and its many uses, and for greatly helping my arthritis. If it were not for that, I do believe I would not be functioning. I am serious about that.

I'm sure you can find the book on, but I suggest:
It is not expensive, and I like the company. They are based out of Albany New York actually.

My Egyptian friend feels that their black seed oil is overpriced, but she is able to buy it freshly pressed at open markets there. For the rest of us not as fortunate, you can at least feel that your product is a first press, and fresh.

It's important to read labels. Many of our olive oils that we buy, are not a first press, there for we are consuming calories and fats, and not the healthy oil we think.

I also mention black seed, because it, reduces blood sugar levels. About four years ago, I gave you some mint tea that had black seed in it....

Black seed is also used in Indian Cuisine, such as nan bread, and they use it as a pepper subsitite in Europe.

Good stuff, I’m not hear trying to sell anything lol.