Friday, February 01, 2008

Sexy Space

A friend of mine once remarked that I immersed myself in all things motorcycles when my head needed space.

She was right.

There is very little that can make me find distance, and even forget, like a motorcycle and the dream of an open rode that twists and turns beyond eternity.

I was thinking about riding when this press release brought a new street motorcycle reality to me head.

Ducati claims that its 2008 "1098 R is the first ever production bike to be fitted with a true competition-level traction control."


Now that is a rear end huh Tony? ;0)


nunya said...


Get the Ducati before you have kids.


Ridwan said...

Hello Nunya:

I remember you used to ride pillion on a Ducati in San Diego.

Do you miss those days?

I may just have to take you up on the Ducati which is a single seater ... and I have lots of time cause you know I don't want kids.

Trust you are well!


nunya said...

I never rode the Ducati, & the last time I gave daddy hell was because he couldn't give his kid a ride home either, she called me for one.