Wednesday, March 26, 2008

About Done Thinking

Nothing but two wheels can help me stop thinking that I am about done with thinking.

Well at least for now and a little while longer.

The bike above is a 1980 Kawasaki Z250. I had a red one exactly like it in the same year. It was my first bike. Firsts are special, I think.

Dammit ...!

Ps. This is post number 333!


Dione said...

That's a nice bike for a 16 year old ;)lucky you
Thanks for sharing that with us. First bikes and cars are very special indeed.
I still have the original license plates, and then the vanity plates I had from my first car, which was non too impressive.
I saved the check too, that I paid for it, with cash.

My scion, is my first new car, non piece of shit. I have my first check payment,,, for that :) and will never forget being scared to drive it home.


GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

that is a nice looking bike my man. but than again, i'm clueless when it comes to any form of wheels, may it be 2 or 4... hee hee.

post one pic of yourself with the bike.. i bet you looking all spiffy..


Dade said...

I'm glad you have your outlet, Ridwan. Mine is my guitar.

Outlets like these make it easier to cling to sanity in this nutty, nutty world.

Take care.

Ridwan said...

Hello Dione, Gigi and Dade.

Thanks ya'all for the comments. Dione I got the bike before my
16th birthday in early February.

My parents were not happy.

Gigi I am going to work up the courage to post some pictures of my rides. Promise :)

Dade I know you play the guitar. I hope to listen in one day soon. But I totally agree, we need our escapes one way or the other.

Peace to all of you.


Dione said...

Please tell us the story how how you got the bike before your 16th birthday. Due post a picture of you with that, I know you have one somewhere.
Have a great day,

Ridwan said...

Dione you are too funny. No story but I do miss the bike.

I do have pictures but I am keeping my grill off here.

Buy me coffee and I'll tell you in person :0)


Dione said...

sure, anytime:)


Tony said...

Daaaamn! Bet that pic brings back memories. I remember the red beast and the envy that I had.
My first was a Yamaha RZ50....also red. Put a bikini fairing and bellypan on + some clubman handles.....To tell the truth, she was not really that special, although I was just happy to be on a bike at that stage.

Ridwan said...

Hello Broer. Trust you are well Tony.

I remember the 750cc Yamaha you bought when you started working for Telkom back in the day.

I stopped by Mr. Sallie's to buy cool drinks and you were inside.

You came out and showed me the bike. I was amazed that it had a gear indicator and electronics that made it look space shippy.

Them were the days Tony. We used to get excited about sh*t hey.

You be well and ride that black beast Kwacker for me too!

Peace Tony!