Friday, March 07, 2008

MotoGP Starts Sunday Broer!

On Sunday the MotoGp season starts with a night race, a historical first, from Qatar.

I will be rooting for my sentimental favourite, Valentino Rossi and his Yamaha, but I am not holding my breath.

Rossi lost last year to Casey Stoner on a Ducati and even to Tony's boy, Dani Pedrosa, on a Honda. The year before that he lost to Nicky Hayden on a Honda.

Before that it was all Rossi (2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001) in first place.

I hope Rossi wins this year.

In the meantime I wish Tony would holla and tell me why Aprilia is not in the 800cc field, or even in Superbikes.

I mean damn, this Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory looks like it is flying huh?

It is time for an Aprilia among the big bonies huh broer?

Tony is that you?

Damn broer you look fly in black ... ;)

***Update(March 10)***

MotoGP Qatar Results
1. Casey Stoner (Ducati)
2. Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha)
3. Dani Pedrosa (Honda)
4. Andrea Dovizioso (Honda)
5. Valentino Rossi (Yamaha) ... geez Doctor what up? :(


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the first race. I'm not too sure about this night racing crap? The riders seem to not mind too much, so maybe they've got lit up well without interfering with the riders' vision.
I’m hoping that Vale does well, but I think that he may have made a mistake by ditching Michelin. Number 1 is that he has to learn a new tyre (although the mans talent should see to that in no time), but the big thing is that those Michelin Froggies wouldn’t be resting on their laurels and will be pulling out the finger big time to overcome the Bridgestone onslaught.

I wish that they would outlaw the fucking traction control. MotoGP is the pinnacle of the sport….it should demand that only riders with the greatest skill and the greatest sensitivity to the machines murmurings be successful. Already going to four-strokes has lowered the bar, and now with traction control (TC), a MotoGP ride is even more accessible. Casey Stoner undoubtedly has a high level of skill and is obviously a thinking man as he has been best able to work out how to use the TC to his advantage. He has mastered the art of banging on that throttle way earlier than anyone else.

Marco Melandri can’t do it and he has the same machinery. I’m sorry to say that our sport is not in a good way. It is fast going the F1 way where you can take any well skilled driver/rider, put them on superior machinery, and win a world championship.

Bike racing was always about skill, where a superior rider could still triumph, even on inferior machinery. This has been proved throughout 500/MotoGP history. There have been more, but I think of riders like Wayne Rainey on the 500 Yamaha, Valentino Rossi on the Yamaha M1, the victories that Nori Haga had on the old YZF750, Mick Doohan and Wayne Gardner on the pig of the NSR500 (before Doohan got them to change it). I also think of a certain club racer that I once knew. This guy had a 5 year old Fireblade, and regularly saw off current machinery.

So….yes, I hate traction control – yes, it’s safer….but motorsport was never really supposed to compete with knitting. It blunts skill and it also makes for less of a spectator spectacle (no more slides and less wheelies).

Okay….I digressed more than a little from my discussion on riders. Don’t look past rookies like Lorenzo and Dovizioso. Those guys are going to kick some arse this year, and, unfortunately, some of that arse may very well be Valentiono’s. Oops – didn’t say anything about my midget boy, Danny….. expect him to be up there – if not taking the championship. But in the end, I think that Stoner will defend his title well. Ooooohhhhh…..I feel the pain.


Ridwan said...

Tony you put it like only you can:

"I hate traction control – yes, it’s safer….but motorsport was never really supposed to compete with knitting."

What is up with the wussing-up of the sport? Traction control is for the manne who ride on the weekends.

I remember you telling me that Lorenzo would light the 800cc class like he did the 250cc class.

I hope you are right boet. But I expect that Stoner will be hard to beat on the Ducati.

If anyone can it may be your little Spanish fella, Pedrosa. I think, but I relate to your pain.

I been watching Superbike and was surprised to see Carlos Checa in the field.

Should be interesting now that Toseland is gone hey?

Is it me or is Superbike starting to look lekker?

If only Sofuoglu can pick up the pace and make it even more interesting. And if Haga can stay on his bike, and consistent, this may be his year ... hope so.

I think there was word that Aprilia and BMW may take the track in Superbike in 2009.

That would be cool but may be irritating for the riders who will lap the heffa BMWs :)

Tony thanks for for your genius here. You da man, still.

Tell the vrou I said Hello. And be good in Melbourne my brother.


ps. I am not even going to tell you how the manne by the gat are celebrating the bliksem that India has laid down on Aus in 50 over cricket.

Being the non-prejudicial type I have only shed a tear or two of joy for India ;0)