Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The Mail & Guardian reports that "50 000 Mozambicans and Zimbabweans have left South Africa" since the violent attacks against migrants began on May 11.

Other migrants returned to Zambia and Malawi, though in smaller numbers.

For the most part, the violence is "under control" though the fear and anger that gripped the country has hardly disappeared.

56 are dead and hardly anyone I know thinks President Mbeki acted with care and concern in this the greatest tragedy of the post-apartheid era.

Mbeki is in Japan as I write.

The weather over the last three days has turned even colder with rain showers across the country. Those migrants who have been forced out of their homes now have to contend with being homeless in the bitter cold.

I gave up on Mbeki a long time before this crisis. At the very least, Jacob Zuma (ANC president) took to the streets and talked to folks on either side of this crisis.


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Dade said...

Very precarious times for you in South Africa, Ridwan.

Things are rough over here in the USA, too.

I fear that the whole world, all of humanity, is heading in to a transition that will be scary and painful.

Good luck to you and yours!


Ridwan said...

These are indeed tough times across our world brother.

Thank you for your wishes. I trust that you and yours are well.

I also hope that the change we will experience will be the change we need.

Peace Dade,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ridwan et al!

Ek is al klaar binnekant, kan nie wag vir die kom binnes nie!

Yeah, it has been an earthly hell in South Africa, when the unresolved apartheid chickens of redress of the fossilizing "racial" inequities started coming home to roost rudely.

Thanks for the swift actions of the bourgeoning social movements and people that cared for the vulnerable and made it clear to the powers that be that they have a major hand in the carnage.

The scales on my eyes were removed when I attended this rally ( http://gatheringofmotherearthprotectors.blogspot.com/2008/05/gathering-of-mother-earth-protectors_27.html) for the campaign of the Aboriginal people here in Toronto.

They are putting up a brave fight against the blatant violation of treaties by the government here, and being pushed out of their land to make way for profit mongerers! They not only rip the land off and impoverish its rightful owners, they also polute it and the water downstream; threatening the lives and future on many who do not beneift from the loot!

Listening to each representative, icluding pre-recorded message of detained leaders of the participating First Nations people, their imprisonment and harrassment, it just struck me hard that we are all besieged by the same selfish gang that has perfected the art of divide and rule.

Moreover, independent as we may be in Africa and South Africa, we are still caught up in the whirlwind that is a fallout of their greed, which will only be stopped by the end of the world as we know it!

It occured to me that we all need to join the poor and the oppressed all over the world in their daily struggle and in any manner that is practical and practicable.

In this respect, I am asking you to post and distribute this link (http://www.jubileesouthafrica.ca/index.php?pr=Global_poverty_and_strife&nosessionkill=1) regarding the Global Civil Society Statement on World Food Emergency.

Please make time to read and respond to the campaign against the rising food prices that is exacerbating the misfortunes of so many of our fellow beings.

Peace, onward and many cheers


Ridwan said...

Thanks kindly Mojalefa for your comment and the links.

You are right about the "chickens" brother. I liked it when a brother said the only "third force" presence in the carnage was Mbeki and his cabinet.

I will be looking at the food campaign for sure.

We heard today that the reserve bank is 'forced' to raise interest rates again, even by as much as 200basis points.

This means that the prime interest rate will be 17%.

Given that all loans for cars, houses, etc, are linked to prime, folks can expect sizeable jumps in installment payments.

Now watch the bottom of the bucket fall out of the market that Mbeki built on shifting sands.

Sad time brother but it was inevitable.

Peace and struggle,