Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sinking Like A Karmic Stone

68 000 innocent Chinese people die in a horrific earthquake and Sharon Stone thinks it is a matter of Karma coming back to bite China!

She has issued an apology.

Still, how ignorant and arrogant of Stone to connect the demise and suffering of 68 000 people to a gross misunderstanding of what Karma means?

But that aside, how could a Buddhist convert like Stone be so deluded about what Karma means?

I wonder if Stone would connect any misfortune in her life, or the lives of innocent Americans, to the brutal role of the US in Vietnam or Iraq, for example?

I expect that her mangled understanding of Karma would exempt her from the misguided and nonsense that "when you are not nice, bad things happen to you" ...!

What a crass thing to say hey? And oh so 'orientalized' too.

But I guess there is some 'justice' that has followed this stupidity.

At least 1 billion people in China will not be rushing to see any of her 4 new movies and Christian Dior has dropped her from its Chinese adverts.


I wonder if she sees this as Karma? Do you? :0)

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Erica said...

Another case of Karma coming back to bite you in the ass!

I still don't understand how some of these celebraties think that they are relevant to the rest of the world!

Dave said...

Sharon Stone was quite correct about the earthquake being caused by China's bad karma as a nation. Burma also has plenty has plenty of bad karma.

See more more info on group karma at

Eugene said...

With all the karma the U.S. has racked up with what it has done to Indians, women, union organizations, blacks, puerto ricans, it's support of Nazi germany, making money off of slave labor in WWII, lynching and enslavement of blacks, Viet Nam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Phillipines, children, allying with the child rapist vatican,...Holy shit, I better stop now or I'll continue until the impending economic collapse. Maybe that will be the U.S. karma? Economic collapse.

Eugene said...

I almost forgot...

In Wicca and in other practices, one has to be careful what one says or does. To wish, for example, someones karma on them, is to also wish it upon oneself.

For these folks to say that this is karma for the Chinese doing, what, invading Tibet. I guess the exile of the Dhalai Lama is karma for the way his governmental system treated women.

To make point of such a horrific natural disaster as karma is dangerous especially coming from anyone within the genocidal United States. The United States has a lotta karma coming as far as karma goes. And when that happens, someone in China, the Phillipines, indigenous nations, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, India, etc., etc., etc., will be saying, "well, the U.S. is getting its karma."

One more thing: Sharon, you don't actually pay someone to do your hair like that, do you?

Ridwan said...

*Thanks for your comment Erica. I don't know why we listen to the likes of Stone.

**Dave you are absolutely wrong. Please read Eugene below you comment for reasons why.

I cannot come to grips with any value system that would believe almost 250 thousand people had to die because of their government's policies.

It is an inhumane notion.

I suspect that not too many folks would want to beleive that 9/11 was karma, right?

It was not. In any of these cases the folks who paid the ultimate price were innocent.

***Eugene thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right.

Eugene said...

***Eugene thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right.

Yeah! I mean I've been wondering for years what the fuck is up with Sharon Stone's hair!

9-11 is not even the beginning of the Karma that the U.S. has coming. That was not even 4,000 folks, compared to the millions of folks the U.S. has slaughtered to fill the coffers of already excessively wealthy assholes. And let's be honest here, most of the folks killed in those towers weren't the once who deserved it. I'm with Ward Churchill when he stated that the suits, the little Eichman's, got there Karma, but there is still millions upon millions of lives that have been taken as well as the massive oppression dealt to other folks by this nation AS WELL as the folks within the current boundaries of this alleged nation.

I'm on a roll...don't get me started.

Dione said...

Sharon Stone should have been more careful with her "Basic Instinct" in regard to what she says about Karma, and what a country "deserves". Unfortunately for her, because of being in the public eye, one has to shield their beliefs, she has apologized. Seriously, travesties happen, and it probably isn't up to anyone to understand god's intention.

For the record, Stone first started cutting her hair because of a brain aneurysm. Her father had cancer during this time, and she claims to have made spiritual changes.

The following comes from Cigar Aficionado

"I don't want to be one of those actresses that has a baby doll hairdo when I'm 90. Like, get over it already! I'm done with that. I'm glad you thought I did it well. But you may have noticed I don't look like that anymore. My body is skinny now. And let's gracefully surrender the things of youth, shall we? I just don't abide by that absurd notion that we don't tell how old we are…I'm really excited by my age, my accomplishments and my future."

Not everyones hair returns to normal,after brain surgery. Certainly, Sharon stone can afford hair extensions ect, but then someone would have something to say about that too.

I'm also a little tiered of hearing about how the US, is the evil of all entities. This country has fucked up a lot, but so has just about every other country. We are all free to leave anytime.

The US, was not responsible for Nazi Germany, and didn't even get involved with the second world war until the very end. NOT IN SUPPORT OF NAZI GERMANY!

The US, has supported Israel too much, I certainly agree with that! However I never seem to hear about the old League of Nations ( before the UN), and it's unfair division of land to the Palestinian people. Why do I never hear about British Mandate? There are many responsible parties for what is happened to the Palestinian people. America has it's unfortunate ties to Israel, but lets look a little broader before we just spout off incorrect history.

Yes, I could just go on and on too.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sharon Stone is talking out of her Ass. I think that Karma seems to work most mysteriously, see what happen to her!!!

Eugene, you had me laughing ... what is up with her hair. I love that you can list all of the crimes of the US and then take it back to the basics, slamming her looks. So funny and ironic.


Ridwan said...

Hello Dione. There is a lot in your comment here.

I will not comment on Stone's personal appearance and struggle but thanks for your words.

I have noted her apology in my post (upfront).

I do think, however, that the damage is done. She was myopic and stupid about mass suffering and as Kimberly says above there are now personal consequences.

I expect that much of her thinking may be influenced by the mythology that God doomed humanity over an apple in the garden of Eden.

The same myth also held the agent of the downfall of humanity was Eve.

Pretty serious stuff hey? Or maybe not.

As for the US, its evil, and leaving, well you know where I stand.

I left.

I expect that Eugene will not want to leave because he was there first. Where would he go?

I mean he is welcome here with me in South Africa but I can't guarantee his safety given the attacks on foreigners over the last three weeks.

I would worry about his safety.

Also, he would have a hard time finding good fresh Salmon and a sweat lodge not run by liberal wankers who appropriate all kinds of stuff.

Stuff like the land of others, their culture, their labour, their lives, etc.

I think Eugene will be sad here.
So I think it is unlikely that he will want to leave the US.

I also think it is unlikely that he will give up calling the US for the sh*t it has caused to his people and people elsewhere.

Given the scope and depth of inhumanity that is the US, it is really unfair to ask him to do so, in my opinion.

In a way it is a good thing that he won't leave. Good because he is a living irritant to those who want to live in denial, or part denial.

Is this karma?

With peace and respect to you Dione.


Ridwan said...

Kimberly thanks so much for looking in here.

How are you holding up in PDX?

Did you see the NY Times article on race and gentrification this week?

If not, here is the link:

Also look at the comments on the article at this blog (Stuff White People Like) to see how some white people in PDX responded:

Anyway, be well and thanks again for your comment.


Dione said...

Hello Ridwan,
Thanks for your reply to my comment.
As you know, I am a stand up individual for the right thing. In my mind, this means questioning society, and our leaders. I also am known for thinking outside the box, and am usually quite liberal about things.
It is absurd that anyone would ask Eugene to leave, his people were here first. What I was saying, was in reference to that we are still a free society- in that regard, that we can come and go.
I do, have a problem with inaccurate history. I have been hearing a lot of it from some people here lately and just had to set everyone strait on the World War 2.
I could give a crap about Sharon Stone. Public figures have to be careful, and it's unfortunate that so many individuals focus too much of their attention to what they say or think. Celebrities are not necessarily intelligent, educated people, they are just individuals- but others are way too susceptible to their insights. This is why Stone's message is as dangerous as inaccurate history.

Ridwan said...

Thanks Dione. I agree with you on Sharon Stone.

And I absolutely know you to stand up for meaningful causes. :0)

And I agree that Eugene should stay home, Shusli needs him around :0)

Thanks for your reply. I owe you a Donut at the very least, for no specific reason other than your good sense not to support McPain.

Peace hey,

Desirée said...

Forgive me but I am just now catching up on the last few weeks of your blog. I had not heard about this - what an appallingly idiotic comment! However, this also brings to mind an issue that came up when I was in Kenya, when several of my Kenya friends told me that the 2004 tsunami was some sort of divine retribution from Allah against sinners, in Thailand in particular I will never understand this sort of belief in a million years and it is even more difficult to hear it out of the mouth of people you love as opposed to some dumbass celebrity.

Eugene said...

I'm about to waste my breath.

This, the alleged U.S., is not a free society. 200 channels with nothing to watch, cell phones, the ability to speak out without doing anything does not make this alleged nation free. Health care...not free, like other nations. Education, especially higher...not free like other nations.

Great book to read, "IBM and the Holocaust," by Edwin Black. 200+ U.S. corporations sponsored the Nazi regime prior and DURING the war. Without IBM's Holerith machines, the Nazi's wouldn't have been able to round up the Jews, Sinti, Roma, trade unionists, gays, lesbians, etc., with such effeciency. (CEO Tom Watson knew what was going on, too). Ford, GM, GE, Brown Brothers, etc., were just a few of the major corporations that HAD TO HAVE U.S. GOVERNMENT PERMISSION TO DO SO that did business with the Nazi's during WWII. Prescott Bush was caught selling Nazi war bonds AFTER PEARL HARBOR.

Were it not for Vatican support, the Nazi's would not have come to power to begin with.

Were it not for economic hit men, the U.S. couldn't have taken over the economies of other nations, covert action.

I think I'm gonna go somewhere else and not waste my breath, now.

Ridwan said...

Hey there Desirée. It is good to hear from you. I trust all is well in London.

You are absolutely right about the comment. Just dumb and inhumane.

Sad thing is that some folks thinks she is right. Just like some folks think it is right to harass and even kill migrants in South Africa.

I remember saying that what happened in Kenya would never happen in South Africa.

I am not so sure now. Things are more desperate than most of us want to admit.

And don't even get me started on the government and the African National Congress.

In a sense the chickens have come home to roost.

When the ANC took over politics here they failed to set transitional agenda for real change.

Be well and holla when you can.


Ridwan said...

Hey again Eugene. Thanks for taking more time to comment here.

I remember talking to you about Nazism, IBM, and the American connection in PDX.

Many of the Nazi scientists were recruited by the US after the war.

They ended up living and working in the US. There were no protests from the gallery of immigrant and migrant worker haters.

The US, and the ideological software of whiteness can be very accomodating when it needs to be.

Also, it is hardly a state secret that the Bush family are spawned from the Nazi party.

What about the governor of California? I am not saying that he or W. are Nazis.

I am saying that the distance between Nazi Germany and American development is hardly very distant.

The myth that the US saved the world from Hitler is just that, a myth.

Be well Eugene.


Anonymous said...

OK checked out the article and website (What white people like). I have way too much work to do right now to comment, but I will be sending you a note on the crazy stuff people write.
Talk to you soon,