Saturday, June 28, 2008

Zim's Sham Election

Mugabe will be elected President in a landslide election in which he is the only candidate!

The Mail & Guardian is reporting a "very low turnout" under circumstances of fear and intimidation.

So much for "quiet diplomacy" hey President Mbeki?

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Mugabe was inaugurated today (Sunday, June 29) after 'winning' 85% of the vote in a one-candidate election.

Archbishop Emiritus Desmond Tutu is advocating for an international intervention in Zimbabwe even if force must be used.

I don't know what an intervention into Zimbabwe will look like but I think those who are looking toward South Africa for leadership should reconsider.

My head hurts broer!


Dade said...

What a travesty! But, as something I read at Down with Tyranny pointed out, much of the world views the last 2 US presidential elections as shams as well...

Eugene said...

Do they have oil? If there's oil there will be an intervention. As Paul Rusesabegina(sp?) said, the U.S. didn't intervene in Rwanda because Rwanda didn't have oil.

If they have diamonds, the U.S. will let things go on because they can get those diamonds through illegal arms sales and increased terrorism within the borders of that nation.

Have you seen "The Fog of War." When Cage is selling arms to an African nation, they show him a paper of the first illegal takeover of the U.S. government by co-king george. The man said something like, "Look at that. Now the U.S. can say nothing about us."

Something definitely should be done. It won't come from the international community, however.

Ridwan said...

*Hello Dade. Sorry for the late reply. You know W. called the elections in Zim a sham too.

I laughed my ass off. He has a nerve hey.

But democracy is in trouble. We need to get the corporations out.

In Zim their are major banks like Barclays (British) underwriting Mugabe.

Be well brother.

**Eugene how are you brother? Thanks for looking in.

There is no gold or oil in Zim but it has not stopped the US and Britain from paying close attention.

I think that Mugabe rubs them the wrong way with his anti-West nonsense.

But you are right, something needs to be done and soon.

I'm with the Arch on this one.

Peace to both of you.