Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just Nuts

Ummmm ... well at least Jesse did not say he was gonna cut Obama's coconuts off for talking down to Black people.

And he did apologize.

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GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

this seems to be a major coverage in most news. i don't know much about jesse but i wonder if he just piss cuz he didn't go as far as obama did (as presidential candidate that is). i find it hard to believe that he's not aware of the *hot mike* seeing he not stranger to being interview.

hope you're well as always ridwan =:O)

Ridwan said...

Hey Gigi. There is no love lost between the two. Jesse is old skool civil rights and Obama is an upstart in many ways.

I don't think that Jesse should have talked smack about Obama at that venue (especially).

But, Jesse does have a point. Obama's drift to the center and even right of the center is raising issues for his supports.

I think folks needs to be decrying Obama's flip-flopping and move to the right.

But I guess it is easier to make a fool out of Jesse. And I say this as someone who is no fan of Jesse.

Peace sista,

kg said...


I was hoping you were going to write a bit more regarding the Jackson comment. I really think Jackson had a point, but on the other hand, it is easy to be seen as calculated, and maybe even plain jealousy. The problem that Black Americans are facing in my humble opinion is the lack of real leadership, and it seems that the only sort of leaders that we are allowed access to must be first strained through the lens of whiteness. Why can't Black folks pick whom they want to stand up and fight for them? Clearly, we have talented black intellectuals, politicians, pundits, etc. We need more options, not this classic race baiting, and the media essentially telling us Black men cannot get along.

Love you Ridwan!


Ridwan said...

Hello Kellogg. Thanks for your comment brother. I agree with you that Jesse has a point.

I have thought about the Jackson comment. Like you I think he has a point even though he chose the wrong place and time to make it.

I heard Obama defending talking sh*t about Black fathers to the NAACP today. He insists he will keep pointing out that Black men need to be more responsible.

OK, all men should be responsible. And yes absentee fathers in Black families is an issue.

Still, I find it curious that he chooses to focus on Black fathers at this stage. I can just see all the white heads bobbing up and down in agreement.

There is a time and place for this conversation and it is certainly not now when he is working to gather white votes.

And, why the hell is he picking on Black men only? All he has done is condone the racism that sees Black men as permanently delinquent.

I would be absolutely surprised to hear what he intends doing to help Black men when he becomes president.

He could start by reforming the prison-industrial complex or address the fact that Black men still earn less than white men even where education levels are comparable.

Barack is not going to touch that. White folks don't want to hear what they think is stories about Black victimization.

Barack is the race-free candidate. He cuts out the guilt colories in whiteness.

What he is adept at doing is comforting whites by reasserting white sensibilities.

He is the quintessential ass-kissing agent.

I expect Obama to talk down to Black people. I see him for what he is and will be there when the so called progressives are crying in their tea because he sold out their pretensions.

Look after yourself Kellogg and tell me what you are doing now.

Thanks for looking in brother.

Peace and love to you!