Monday, July 21, 2008

Rossi Can Race Huh Broer?

Broer I am gonna admit that my luv for MotoGP is fading fast. But there may be a second time around if Rossi's performance at Laguna Seca means that we will see more racing for the podium and less lap time winning made easier by robotics.

I now know what you meant when you said that "electronic stability control was gonna f*ck our sport up." It did, and it will continue to do so unless the brainstrust figure out that the vast majority of MotoGP fans want racing like Rossi laid down on that wanking countryman of yours, Casey Stoner.

I know you don't smaak Stoner and that makes me like you even more. I mean did you see him throwing toys from his pram because Rossi rode hard and aggressive?

What is the point of racing when all you gotta do is get on your Ducati and ride the hell out of the field because your bike is soooo much more powerful?

Rossi (above) proved that Ducati may be the fastest bike now but that does not mean that Stoner can win every race on power alone.

Real racing does not work that way, huh broer?

For this reason, I am still beaming about the skooling that Rossi laid down on Stoner yesterday. It was simply the best race of the year by far, and yeah Stoner deserves credit for coming to the party until he dropped his Ducati in the stones.

So, I wanna stay a fan Tony. Believe me broer. If they can put the racing back into MotoGP again, without the nannys, I will stay tuned.

Otherwise, why don't they just put the bikes up on a dyno and we can settle each race on which bike has the most horsepower?


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Anonymous said...

Yeah great race. Laguna Seca is a riders track that brings out the skill in a rider.

BTW I've just found this blog and I'm adding it to my fav. Thought I might stick around as it looks like I might learn something.

Ridwan said...

Thank you kindly anonymous. Please do stop by when you can.

I agree with you about Laguna Seca. A rider's track indeed.

What do you think about the upcoming MotoGP races in Indianapolis? How is that gonna work I wonder.

Peace to you,

Tony said...

Cry baby Stoner was at his whining best..***sob, sob....its too hard for me...sob, sob...even my great and powerful Ducati with it's advanced electronics couldn't beat that vicious brute Rossi....they should ban him for being a dirty rider....sob, sob, sob...make him go away mummy..sob, sob*** Okay, so I exaggerate slightly, but you get the idea.

I think that Casey thought that he would run away with the race, seeing that his practice times were so good. I also think that the speed of the Ducati may have made him forget that you don't always pass on the straight, but that most overtaking manoeuvres actually happen under braking, where riders will stuff you up the inside to get past.
Broer, how was that move, when Casey stuck it up the inside of Valentino, and Vale just rode around the outside of him....I've watched the race twice now. Thank goodness I didn't tape it - I would have watched it more. Well, I always knew he was a whinger from 250 days with the Pedrosa-Stoner battles.
How is your other favourite (not) character, Lorenzo. That boy is a talent but, man, he has too learn some respect. Do not ever think that to treat a MotoGP bike a 250 - they bite back hard.

Now my only hope is that Yamaha finds some straight line speed over the break, because we're heading to the tracks with the longer straights now. If that Laguna straight was any longer, or if it didn't have that kink in it, then I think the result would have been different.

Anyway, I hope that my boy, Dani, is fit for Brno. I was so chuffed with his fine performance in the wet and mystified (and disappointed) when he went down. I can't figure it out (replayed it many times), he had just started going for the brakes when he lost the front??????????????

Check out these interesting links on the Rossi/Stoner incident:

So I only have a message for Stoner: "Sleep well, little Casey. Don't let the bed bugs bite, and don't let that Rossi demon into your sweet, little innocent dreams. Rock a bye baby........Oh, don't forget to use the complimentary voucher to the knitting club. See you there on Thursday night."


Ridwan said...

Hola Tony. Good to hear from you broer. I hope the winter is warming fast enough to bring the bike back to the track.

I am sad your boy Padrosa fell of his bike. I think if he heals fast enough he may be the one who can, alongside of Rossi, keep Stoner in check.

But that Ducati is fast and it will need some more ponies for both Rossi and Padrosa.

Maybe Rossi knows something 'cause he just agreed to stay with Yamaha till 2010.

Stoner is not making chommies hey? Bliksem really druks me the wrong way.

As for Padrosa, you think tyres in the wet maybe? I know those Michelins did not warm enough for Lorenzo.

I am gonna start watching the pooper bonies some more. I know you are a big fan. What ya think about Superbikes? I like Haga.

AnyHowze, thanks for your comment boet. You are the broer of this blog fame and it is always a pleasure to hear from you.

When you rolling back this way? You are missed man, truly.

Hell if you don't believe me look at all those South Africans that have come to visit you ... a report here says there are
1 million SAfricans in Aus.

Yessus broer, it is time to roll back to the Y :0)

Say hello to the vrou and the lightie from me.

Peace and struggle Tony.


Tony said...

I'm a big Haga fan - I'm just disappointed that he had those crashes in the early part of the season. Even more vexing is the fact the some of them were silly errors on his part. I'm really sore that he hasn't been world champ yet, and this year will probably be no different. It will take a minor miracle to get ahead of Bayliss after Haga's poor start.

Nevermind, I'll still be screaming on the couch and casting many curses Biaggis way, if he ever punts Haga san into the dirt again.


Ridwan said...

Yeah 'ol Haga San is gonna need something of a miracle to win the championship.

Why has he not moved to MotoGP? I expect that he could do damage there being quite small and light too.

I spoke to Cliff this evening. He is in Jozi nursing his daughter's pregnant Chihauhau ... the broer is gonna be a kinda grandpappy when the puppies get here in a month :0)

Anyway, not to skinner about Cliff who reads here, but he thinks it quite snaaks that we be having a lekker chat on the blog.

We need to start that Kimberley blog we talked about.

A joint effort and we could try to link all the folks and share memories of then, particularly the ones that recall the kak we went through.

Holla when you can.


ps. What the f*ck is it about growing old and memories? Yussus boet we were just snot gatte the other day ;0)

Tony said...

Haga moved to GP's a few years ago, when they were still 500 two-strokes, with the Red Bull Yamaha team. The trouble in those years was that Superbike riders rarely made the transition to the two strokes very well. The old two stroke masters were really in a class of their own when it came to riding ability. He didn't do very well. The transition from Dunlop slicks to Michelin slicks also did him no favours. (I also preferred the Dunlops - they had slightly less grip, but had more feel.) He then moved over to the Aprilia GP team, and that bike was pure nightmare. Colin Edwards (his team-mate then) described it best....he said it was like sitting on a bull, grabbing the horns, then slicing it's balls off and dangling them in front of it's face. That bike threw the two of them off with tiresome regularity. I was glad that he moved back to WSB.

I must give you a shout about the Y blog thing - maybe we should thing of setting a forum up - that would encourage dialog + we can have a section for articles and other mumurings.

Ridwan said...

Broer I did not know about Haga and MotoGP. Interesting. Thanks for telling me.

Ja we should think about the Y journal and maybe even make it broader. Folks want to weigh in but there are also lots of bitter f*cks who will write from expat land and make stuff just ugly.

Of course, not all expats are so inclined. But you know what I mean.

Ahhh but it is a good idea. Will holla on gmail.

Have a great weekend broer. I am sure you won't be watching the rugga will ya?

Say hi to the vrou.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rid,
Sorry not respond as quickly as I would have liked but I had to work. I may not have posted but I've read your blog everyday. :)

I expect Indy to be a technical track and I think the Ducati riders will have an advantage there (as long as the weather is good). I’ve got some fond memories of open wheel racing at this track but it seems my favorite driver and childhood idol always seemed to struggle there. Can you guess who he is?

Ridwan said...

Hi anonymous:

Thanks for reading and certainly for commenting.

I think you are right about Indianapolis. I was there for the 500 in 1991 I think. It was amazing, I did my MA in Indiana so I have a soft spot for the 500 and the fanfare.

I am still trying to think who your idol is. Just don't know enough about open wheel racing.

I am gonna scratch my head though and get Tony in on the guessing.

I hear you on the working thing. It would be so much nicer if we all had more time hey.

You be well and stay in touch.

Peace greetings,

Tony said...

What I know about open wheel racing can be put into a thimble that has been run over by the 3.30 express train. (You didn't know that my knowledge extended that far huh? Impressed?)

Had a look at an overhead shot of the Indy track - looks like an impressive facility. I think that there will be a few tyre problems the banked turn, but we'll see which of the tyre manufacturers come up trumps.

From a glance it looks like there are two overtaking spots - three at a pinch and if your name is Noriyuki Haga...probably four. (If your name is Casey Stoner.....the back straight is your overtaking spot.)


Ridwan said...

I have to admit that I can't fathom who the Indy "idol" is ... and Tony seems to be in the same boat "thimble" and all.

I guess we both give up anonymous :)

The Indy track is quite spectacular. I hope that racing fans in the US take to MotoGP. It would be great for the sport.

Yesterday I watched ClassicESPN and caught some of Rossi's win at Welkom on the 500cc Honda (2000).

Capirossi was the main rival in the race. All three podium spots were Honda.

Why did SA lose MotoGP?


Anonymous said...

My open wheel driver as a child was Mario Andretti. He always seemed to have trouble at the Indy 500, however. :(

Ridwan said...

I admired Mario Andretti. He raced here in South Africa when I was younger but never got to see any of those races.

He continued to have a presence at Indy, right? As a team manager/sponsor if memory serves me right.

Wow, thanks for telling. You had us guessing :0)

Do you follow Formula 1? It might be hard in the US where it is not covered very much hey?

There are lots of Formula 1 fans here in South Africa. Nascar is hardly known outside of the US is my guess.

AnyHowze, thanks for looking in here. I am very appreciative.

Peace to you,