Saturday, August 23, 2008

Signalling the End

In a couple of months burnt progressives and lamenting liberals will sit in circles across the US wondering how their wunderkind went from a sure thing to nothing.

I can't promise that I won't run all my previous posts here and find others elsewhere to remind the delusional that there were those of us who were pointing to the white voter finishing line long before Barack, or sanitized Barry, started raking in millions to preserve the status quo through "change".

All that is left now is for Joe Biden, who voted for Bush's war on Iraq, to make more of a fool of himself before the Obama train runs out of steam.

No doubt the McCain folks will seize the moment and tell when Biden called Barry the first African American candidate who is "articulate and bright and clean"; and that other time when Biden said "you" cannot walk into a 7-Eleven or Dunkin' Donuts without hearing an "Indian accent".

More damaging will be the time when he said that Barry was "not ready" for the presidency. And he should know hey? I mean he ran for president in 1988 (and 2007) and then had to quit because he plagiarized a speech by British politician, Neil Kinnock.

Biden knows how not to become president. And now he can help Barry Obama to do the same.

Geez. US politics is so much the same McCrap hey.


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Dione said...

Gross! I just hate all of them, honestly!
They are all disgusting reminders of how our system works, or really- does not work.
McCain will be our next president. Four more years of a declining economy, more poverty, more people out of work, more killing in Iraq.
The worst part is, there is not a dam thing I can do about it. Moral in this country is really going down, because the average person, no matter how ignorant or
unintelligent does not like the world were living in right now.

Just a comment on the Indian accent issue. The reason for why convenience stores have so many employees from India, is because no one else will hire them in America, unless they happen to be a computer programer, or came here with enough money to run their own grocery store. Racism is much of the reason for why they work there. The person who said that is a prime example of the rich elite completley lacks an understanding for what it takes to live and survive.

Atleast I get to help people now, instead of taking their money. I guess thats good..,

How are you Ridwan??


Ridwan said...

Hi Dione. Good to hear from you. I am happy that you are working in a field that makes a valuable contribution.

I agree with you on Barry/Biden.

Biden is known for being a loud mouth and for making insensitive comments about so called minorities.

I am reminded that he recently also blamed Black kids for poor school conditions. I can also hardly forget that he voted for Bush's war in Iraq and Afghanistan while batting for the credit card industry.

Same ol' same ol' ... and so much for the "change" that Barry speaks of.

I think Indian Americans, as they are now called, have made strides beyond the convenience store economy but it is somewhat obscured.

Piyush Jindal, or the sanitized "Bobby", is the first Indian American governor in the US(Louisiana). And he is a Republican ):

Also, the US motel/hotel industry is dominated by Indian Americans. In fact 40% of all hotels/motels are owned by Gujarati Indians.

When it comes to race and Indian Americans I like Vijay Prashad's book "The Karma of Brown Folk".

Remember before 9/11 how the "model minority" myth was used to describe the success of Indian Americans among other so called Asians?

Anyway, I am well Dione. Thanks for asking.

Best wishes to you.


Dade said...

Well, Ridwan, my friend, I hope your predictions are wrong. It's not that Obama is the answer to my prayers (or to anyone's, for that matter)'s just that McCain is the realization of my nightmare.

We'll see.

Ridwan said...

Thanks for your comment Dade. I understand your position.