Friday, August 15, 2008

"Spain's Olympic Race Row"

This is Spain's Olympic basketball team and their supposed "light-hearted" rendition of "slit-eye".

According to reporter Sid Lowe, the Spanish media are very annoyed that anyone would think the gesture is racist.

Several reports in mainstream Spanish newspapers argue that the "slit-eye" publicity pose is not considered racist in Spain. Instead, it is claimed to be a good humour gesture toward their Chinese Olympic hosts.

Ummmm ... huh?

I guess those of us who view the gesture as absolutely racist, inappropriate, and offensive, just don't understand Spanish humour, at least as it is defined by their mainstream media.

What say you?


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***Update(August 16)***
See this report in Mail and Guardian: "Affectionate Gesture" Sparks a Global Storm"

By the way the US basketball team beat Spain 119 - 82 earlier today. Sweet.


Shus li said...

If that's not racist then nothing is and racism doesn't even exist.


Ridwan said...

You are absolutely right Shusli.

Peace sista,