Sunday, September 07, 2008

2008 Triumph Bonneville

A retro bike with real spokes broer, and not a Harley to boot. I bet washing this bonnie would be just as much fun as riding it.

And the vrou would be comfortable too.

Geez broer I must be old or delusional ... or both, but this is one sweet glance at yesterday.

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Erica said...

Nice!! Now only if got up the nerve to ride!!

Ridwan said...

Hi Erica. The roads in SAfrica are literally falling apart. If that won't kill ya then the damn taxis will.

Still, I have the nerve to ride :0)


Tony said...

Broer. WTF. I like some of the retro, but I think that you need to visit me for some therapy.
Yes, I agree that it looks good. No, I do not agree that you would love owning it.
I know that you had a bad experience with your ZRX, but I still think that maybe you had a lemon.

My thoughts on bikes that Ridi could love:
Kawasaki ZRX
Kawasaki Z750/1000 (styling??)
Suzuki SV 1000
Honda VFR 800 (exhaust pipes questionable though)
Ducati Monster (900 not 600)
Triumph ST Sprint
Triumph Speed Triple (I love this bike.)..............Triples sound wicked with a pipe on!!!!!

Ridwan said...

Thanks for your comment broer.

Yeah I think the pretty picture may have me deluded and too sentimental (emphasis on the mental part).

I like your list but wonder what you think of the 'new' Suzuki Bandit 1250.

Anyway, forgive my Myron moment on the spokes and retro look.

At least I did not buy a Harley hey?

Damn I hope Myron is not reading here ;0)

Anyway, I will take a Speed Triple for the naked look and the sound but damn the gat looks stomp hey.

Maybe I can learn to look pass the gat, dunno.

Be well Tony and keep riding and writing.

Peace boeta,