Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mr. Palin's is "Yup'ik Eskimo"!?

This is what Palin had to say in her convention speech about her husband:

"He's a lifelong commercial fisherman ... a production operator in the oil fields of Alaska's north slope ... a proud member of the United Steel Workers' Union ... and world champion snow machine racer.

Throw in his Yup'ik Eskimo ancestry, and it all makes for quite a package."
Ummmmm ... so claiming Yup'ik ancestry is something to "throw in" to complete a "package" ...?

Damn, who is she trying to fool? Other white folk?

And what about his supposed ancestry makes him (or her) less than white?



Mike's Searches said...

Reading Alaskan blogs, it appears that she only references his heritage in the context of a political campaign. From what I've read she has done nothing at all for Alaska Natives. This is just another reigious right-wing nut. Ridwan, I can't believe this bozo could actually become President. Dead on in your post below this one, of course it would be different. The hypocrisy of America is astounding. If you haven't already check out Mudflats on wordpress. Pretty good blog...Peace.

Ridwan said...

I thought so Mike. It just seems so 'convenient' hey.

Rememeber when Gore was thought of as the clever candidate and Bush not, you know who folks voted for in that race.

I am, like you, amazed that McCain and Palin could even be taken serious.

But from where I stand, they are very much in this race (perhaps even more so now that the mainstream media are saying her speech was very good).

Be well Mike and thanks for commenting brother.


Dade said...

Republicans are big on using ethnic tokens. Remember the 2004 convention? They had more black people on stage for the cameras than were present on the convention floor.

Democrats have lots of problems themselves, but Republicans are racists. Period. End of story.

Thanks for catching that remark by Palin, Ridwan. I remember hearing it, but I didn't take note.

Ridwan said...

Thanks for your comment Dade.

I read a republican piece that claims the democrats are trying to tie Mr Palin's 20 year old drunk driving charge to his "Native America" roots.

I found a link on the Angryindian's site. It made me crack up for sure.

How far will they go hey.

Yeah the reublicans have problems. I saw a new McCain ad that highlights his adopted daughter from Bangladesh.

Tokenism for sure.

Thanks brother.


Kashea said...

I'm tellin you Ridwan she is the whore of Babylon and Carl Rove is the Anti-christ. lol. As far as tokenism. Obama is the democrats token. Matter of fact if he does become president I wont be suprised if they but his face on a toke instead of a cent to let em know where he stands.The democrats and republicans used tokenism all throughout the conventions. Just look at the way they were casting they delegate votes. Each delegation had some person of color standing to the left of the state spokesperson. It was too damn hilarious. Did you see the $3000,000 dress Cindy was wearin. Man I'm sure McCain is gonna regret talkin about elitism when he wife is wearin a dress that damn near cost more than the entire convention. I say we gotta get rid of em all. Aint a good politician nowhere.

Ridwan said...

Hey there Kashea. Trust you are well up there in PDX.

I read in a British paper that Cindy's dress cost $300k but thought it had to be wrong. I cannot believe those folks. Damn near never worked a day in her life and she and McSame wants voters to believe they are of the people.

Reminds me also that I about fell over watching Obama talk about people who have lost their job and the jobless rate yesterday. How does that brother know what it means to be poor? He man damn made $4million last year.

I mean yeah that is poor next to McSame who cannot even remember how many houses he owns?

I also read that Palin's church and Pastor run programs to pray the gay away in folks!

So where is the Rev. Wright type attack on this whacky crap?

She also talks about prayer and abstinence ... guess it did not work in her own household.

Still, even as we see these clowns as ridiculous the two candidates are neck and neck.

The scary part is that before Palin spoke the dems had a 8 point lead. Palin brought a "bounce" factor that has her and McSame right in the thick of it.

And now many are saying she is why McSame will win.

Yeah, sure, that and the fact that most white folks want to believe that she is the reason.

You be good brother.