Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rossi Wins At Indianapolis

Motorcycle racing returned to the Brickyard for the first time in 99 years today.

Rossi (Yamaha) started on pole and he won in treacherous conditions after a red flag stopped the race with 8 laps to go.

Nicky Haden (Honda) was second and Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha) was third.

Rossi (pictured) should be crowned world champion two weeks from now in Japan. He leads the MotoGp championship by 87 points. Rossi is now also the most successful MotoGP racer ever with 69 wins to his name!

I can't wait for the A-Style Grand Prix of Japan on the 28th of September (just two days before Eid!).

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Muzi said...

Valentino Rossi is the only guy that I always hear that he has won this and that. Are there other guys that race with him or it is just him on one man race?(joke)

seriously for me when one person win almost everything there is no competition. Amstrong did it with cycling and I took time to follow the sport, Schimacer did it FM1 untill Montoya and later Hamilton thanks goodness he is no longer there.
What I am trying to say is that if the results are so predictable I loose interest. I have nothing against Rossi he deserves his achivements, I just like sport.

Ridwan said...

Hey there Muzi.

Rossi is MotoGp. When he goes they will have to hope that folks like Lorenzo and Pedrosa have matured into consistent (and exciting) racers.

I can't imagine that there will be another Rossi very soon. He is the Pele or Maradonna of a sport that fields only 16-20 riders at any one time.

He has won the last 4 races but the last two seasons have not been so kind to him.

That said, he will most likely be the champion in 13 days time.

Still, I know what you are saying. I have been growing tired of the races of late, largely because the bikes are so fast that racing has not always been exciting.

Thanks for your comment Muzi.

Peace brother,

Tony said...

The doctor shows why he is still the master after all these years. Stoner is crying, Pedrosa is sulking and Lorenzo is trying not to do his upside down aerobatics thing. Niki Hayden is going to end his MotoGP career at Ducati. After Ducati he will only get the crap rides. I don't think that he will be able to ride that bike. I do however hope that he proves me wrong. I don’t mind the man – I don’t think that he is world championship material, but I don’t mind him.

I feel a bit sorry for my boy, Dani. With Lorenzo getting his confidence back (after the M1 taught him a lesson in respect), I don't think that Pedrosa will ever win a world championship while that man is around. Still - I hope that he does.

What will Rossi do after next year. I think that he may go on to win his last title (if Lorenzo doesn’t have other ideas) and then retire. (I do think that Jorge may equal Rossi’s achievements if his arrogance doesn’t get to his head too much…just what Ridi didn’t want to hear.) One of my wishes is that Rossi DOESN'T go to F1. For me, F1 is no longer racing. Yes, I agree that it is the pinnacle of motoring technology, but I think that it is a team sport to see whose technology is the greatest at leading a high speed procession. I agree that the drivers are the best in the world, its just that the cars have become such technological master pieces that any driver of a certain level can win in the best car.
I sincerely hope that he goes to A1 GP - That format, whilst not perfect (I'm not a fan of having pit-stops - for me it clouds the issue of who the best driver is on the can you say that you won the race when your pit crew made you overtake someone else whilst you were both standing still??) at least still has a lot of overtaking in it. I still say that F1 is a team sport – it shouldn’t carry a drivers championship. That is why I like A1 – it IS a team sport and doesn’t have a drivers championship AND THEY OVERTAKE ON A REGULAR BASIS. ISN’T THAT WHAT FUCKING RACING IS ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm glad that Marco Melandri is getting out of the Ducati squad. He is a prime example of where technology has f**ed up the skills of a rider. Ducati themselves can't understand why Marco cannot ride their bike. They say that all he has to do is brake hard, steer, and whack the throttle open mid-corner - the electronics of the bike will see to the rest. I'll tell you why Marco can't ride your bike's because he's a real rider. He rides by the seat of his pants - his bum decodes messages from the back tyre and suspension - his wrists, forearms and shoulders decode messages from the front tyre - the pressures that want to make his eyes pop out under braking convey sublime messages - his body absorbs and interprets opposing and conflicting g-forces, inertia forces, etc. and his grey matter super computer then instructs his body what to do with his motorcycle. Marco Melandri is not a Formula One car driver - and that is why he cannot ride your motorcycle. You don't need a bikers feel and instincts to ride your bike. Maybe Casey Stoner has a future career in F1. F***ing traction control, stability control, wheelie control and who knows what else control, all confuses the body's messaging system.

While I'm ranting, I may as well continue on the bikes theme. One of my mostest favourite riders of all time, Noriyuki Haga, is probably going to ride the Ducati Superbike next year when Troy Bayliss retires. Damn, I hate how the rules favour Ducati for them to run 1200's. I don't blame Haga for jumping at the chance to ride the best bike in the paddock. However, I don't know if I can support fully support him next year. (I'm sure that he'll be shocked by this news. Haha!) I do have another rider that I fancy. I followed him through his trials of injury and rise to the top of British Superbikes - Riyuichi Kyonari. I like that boy. Quietly understated, agreeable, a bit of a quiet smiler – “a nice boy”, as your mother would say. Put him on a high powered motorcycle more mister nice guy. I'll have that bit of track, thank you/f**k you – take it any way you want to. He is not a dirty rider, but he’ll pull a hard pass of he has to. Next year he'll know the tracks - watch out. Kyo is my man for 2009.

OK - I know that when it come to bikes I'm rather verbose (to put it mildly) - just be thankful that I'm practising enormous amounts of self restraint and shut up Tony techniques here. Anyway, if you love bikes as much as I do, you'll know that I just can't help myself.


Ridwan said...

Hey there Tony. Thank you for adding depth to my surface discussion of MotoGP here.

I am simply in awe of your knowledge. I agree that Rossi will probably retire after next season (especially if he wins the championship again).

And, I have grown to see your faith in Lorenzo. I don't know that Rossi will be equaled in terms of all that he has achieved, but Lorenzo may very well keep him from winning the championship next season.

I won't be sore if Lorenzo wins as long as pram boy Stoner is left looking stupid.

Let's hope that Lorenzo drops some of that lolly sucking arrogance.

My heart goes out to Pedrosa. He reminds me of the hard hitting tennis player Davidenko. Both have lots of talent and a strong work ethic yet always seem to be the bridesmaid.

But like Davidenko, Pedrosa can spoil a party is things align.

Hayden is not going to spoil anything from here out, Ducati or not. He may end up in Superbikes?? Don't know.

Anyway broer your analysis is always needed here. You are the expert and were it not for f*cking apartheid you may have shown MotoGP a few things ...

OK I'll keep the ass kissing down to a respectable level ;0)

Say hello to the vrou and lightie for me.