Monday, October 27, 2008

"Terrorist" US Attacks Syria

Syria says that US fighter aircraft entered their territorial airspace and launched an attack that killed 8 unarmed civilians on a farm in the bordertown of Abu Kamal.

Syria's Foreign Minister, Walid Muallem, accuses the US of "criminal and terrorist aggression". Muallem says, according to a BBC report, that the US raid killed 3 children.

An Al Jazeera English report says that 4 out of the 8 dead are children.

The US refuses to say whether they carried out the raid or not. There is, however, some unspecified and unnamed US source that has indicated a "successful" mission in Abu Kamal.

Syria has warned the US that it will defend itself if the US launches anymore attacks.

There is very little doubt anywhere that the murderous thugs who run the US and their wars are responsible for this attack on innocent civilians.

I am beyond dismay and rage.


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Dade said...

More brutality to further a political agenda. Speculation is that the Bush administration instigated this raid to try to foment an international crisis in order to take the news about the collapsing economy off the front page. They're trying to save John McCain's campaign.

We know from many, many examples how the Bush pigs will brutally squash people for seemingly trivial political advantage. Here is yet another example.

Curse them!

I share your outrage, brother.

Ridwan said...

Hi Dade:

I would not put it pass the Bush adminstration to sink so low!

How shameful hey?

Yep, "curse them" is right.

Thanks brother. In just two weeks Bush will be behind us.


Heather Ann said...

Oh, how can he take life so lightly? And why is more not said about this atrocity? My fear is that he is planning to some how get us in such a horrible mess that he can proclaim national emergency and not relinquish the presidency. God forbid!

Ridwan said...

Hi Heather Ann:

Thanks for your comment. Oh I really do hope that Bush and company is not going to do something stupid and derail the election.

That would be the worst thing !!!


Professor Zero said...

"...he is planning to some how get us in such a horrible mess that he can proclaim national emergency and not relinquish the presidency."

That is what I think too but I was more worried about it a few months ago. Now I don't think he dares. But he is going to create as much trouble as possible for Obama to inherit. The Republicans are now talking about 2012, making Obama a one term president, etc.

They are organized enough that they could do it, and the US is foolish enough to elect Sarah Palin. Obama hd better hit the ground running with some programs that will really benefit a lot of people, fast, and be popular popular popular.