Sunday, October 19, 2008

Uncle Toms United Against McCain

I was driving to Bloemfontein last Wednesday when I heard a report on SAFM that described Colin Powell (71) dancing on stage in front of an audience filled with Black folk. The reporter said that when Powell stopped dancing he announced that he was proud of his African American heritage.

Oh hell I really wanna say some salty things about this f*cking murderous sell-out Uncle Tom but I am gonna let it lie, for now.

What is more compelling now, in terms of the US presidential race, is the fact that Powell's trifling republican ass has come out of his white lackey closet to back Barry Obama's presidential bid.

The punditry say this is a key endorsement for Barry.

I bet John McSame must be frothing at the mouth and thinking that Powell, the republican party's once favourite lawn jockey, has lost his damn mind and forgotten his place.

Powell, who is undoubtedly still smarting from what Bush and company did to his sell-out ass, seems not to be sweating McSame.

In fact, Powell says McSame is running a negative campaign with ugly racial overtones.

Ummmm ... ok. I guess the racist war(s) he directed (and lied for) against Iraqi innocents was not enough to unsettle his race consciousness.

Anyway you slice this presidential moment, McSame cannot be amused. I bet there are a few among his handlers who will want to burn a cross, or the more modern equivalent thereof, and put Uncle Toms United in their cotton picking and watermelon eating place.

I expect that the Lipstick Dunce will have a few choice words for Powell. She will most likely point out that Powell has made a racist decision to vote for Barry just because he is a Black candidate.

Now more than ever, McSame and the Lipstick Dunce need their white supporters to be patriotic and save the US from Uncle Toms United.


Bert Williams Picture Credit; Lawn Jockey Picture Credit; Colin Powell Picture Credit.

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