Saturday, November 01, 2008

Chinese Muslims at Guantánamo Not Released

On October 8 I wrote here that US District Judge Ricardo M. Urbina ordered the release of 17 Chinese Muslim(Uighurs) men imprisoned at the US detention complex in Guantánamo Bay for close to 7 years.

The men have not been released. The US says it has not found any country to accept them.

I previously thought, as reported, that they would be turned over to the Uighur community in the D.C. who have offered to take the men until their resettlement is made final.

The US Justice Department has, however, blocked the release of the men by refusing to allow them entry into the US mainland.

This means, according to a Guardian report, that the men may remain behind bars for the rest of their lives even though they face no charges.

Their lawyer, Sabin Willett, will fly to Guantánamo this weekend to inform the men of their fate. Mr. Willet is also said to be very upset that the prison authorities insist that the men be chained to the floor when he meets with them.

I am disgusted by the injustice in this case. The Bush administration could not overturn Judge Urbina's decision but they can in effect keep these innocent men imprisoned indefinitely.

Where is the justice in this action? And where is the public outcry?

Surely there must be one Muslim nation-state (or any other) that will stand up to the US and offer refuge to these wronged brothers.

Where is our humanity?


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GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

i read about this online and felt just as disgusted at the fact they spend their life in jail for no wrong doing. there will be no public outrcy, cuz they MUSLIM and their well-being is of no concern to others.

sigh.. such a sad world we lives in...

ps: hope you have a great weekend ridwan =:O)

Ridwan said...

Hola Gigi. Thanks for your comment and for looking in.

I am saddened by their fate and the fate of the others at Gitmo.

We do live in a sad world,

I had a quiet weekend Gigi. I would have rather had a weekend like yours :0)

Peace sista,

Dade said...

This cannot stand. This story is like some nightmare tale by Edgar Allen Poe.

I don't know what to do, but this cannot stand.

Ridwan said...

I absolutely agree brother. At the very least the story must be made known.

Peace Dade,