Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Flimsy Obama Bubble

The major media outlets are saturated with talk of Obama and what his presidency will mean for the US, Americans, and the world. I am not surprised that folks, even those who voted for him, are asking what an Obama presidency will mean.

Obama is not a known commodity. The man is mostly a construction meant to appease the fears of Americans who have come to realize that the US is f*cked up and has been so since its genocidal origins.

In the next few months most liberals and other bullsh*tters will have to set aside their fragile delusion that Obama's promise is about remaking the US into a kinder gentler entity.

Even at this early hour it is apparent that Obama may be the first black/beige president but that means just about squat in terms of reorienting the blood thirsty American empire.

I read today that Obama is going to appoint Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff. Rahm is a proponent of Isreal's brutal occupation of Palestineans and their land.

Please tell me my liberal friends, where is the moral and ethical highground in ignoring the plight of the Palestineans?

Is it not enough that Obama's loudmouth VP-elect is an avowed Zionist who has made a career out of advancing the facist Israeli cause in Palestine and elsewhere?

Joshua Frank rightly points out that Rahm, who has served in the Israeli army despite being an American, is a conservative democrat who supported Bush's "War on Terror" and that he advocates a greater US presence in Afghanistan.

Is this kind of appointment the basis for hope and change?

Richard Holbrooke is one name floating around for possible appointment as Defense Secretary.

Holbrooke, who is a neocon, is responsible for assisting Indonesia's Suharto with armaments to massacre as many as 200 000 indigenous people in East Timor during the late 1970s.

Again, is this kind of appointment the basis for hope and change?

That Obama is the first black president is historic but it is hardly a reason to expect that his establishment politics offers anything close to a significant break with the past.

Still, I don't expect too many Obama supporters are ready to stop celebrating the man that promises to change the the US and the world.

And while they celebrate the US just killed 40 people in Afghanistan who were attending a wedding ... these 'disposable people' live on the fringe of the American consciousness ... they cannot, therefore, matter more than celebrating the rise of the Oprahfied presidency.


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Dade said...

Well, Ridwan, you beat me to the punch. I was going to write up a post about the Emmanuel appointment tonight. (In fact, I still might).

Here's what sucks: it took all of 24 hours for Obama to do something to piss me off. Emmanuel is repulsive and any West Bank idealists, or moderate Israeli that harbored any illusions about a new direction for the US vis-a-vis Palestine just got some cold f**king water thrown in his/her face.

Rahm Emmanuel...I feel sick...

Eugene said...

The game is simple, in my opinion.

The corporate owned U.S. government needs someone in office that would throw down the building desire for rebellion after 8 years of King Dick. They still want business as usual, but that business will not be forwarded by the likes of McCain. Instead of Gore and Kerry throwing the races as they did in the past, McCain threw the race, especially in his decision for Palin as Vice President. But you don't want it to look like it was thrown, so you still have to put on a good show.

Now the wealthy can continue with business as usual. They have some serious ass covering to do with their genocidal games and as egregious legislation gets passed in the future, folks will say, "At least he's a democrat."

Remember NAFTA and GATT? So many times during the Clinton genocidal administration had I heard those calming words from folks who should have risen up..."At least he's a democrat."

These are not the folks who are going to save the world. The folks who finally get tired of folks like these are gonna be the ones who save the world. The most important thing in my opinion is that we help each other. Those folks in DC don't care about us at the bottom. We have to take care of each other, and when the time comes...BECOME AN ANGRY MOB AND REBEL!

Ridwan said...

Hey there Dade. Please do write something on Rahm ... I am beyond sick my brother.

I was thinking today that I should maybe step back a litte ... the blood pressure numbers are not looking good.

It won't help if I engage some SAfrica politics ... the sh*t here is about the same depth.

You be well my friend.


Ridwan said...

Hey there Eugene. Good to hear your voice brother.

I am with ya man, we must take care of each other ... the politicos will take everything else.

It has not taken Obama too long to show that he knows the same sharp elbow players who will continue the empire and its genocides.

You be well brother.

Peace and struggle,

Eugene said...

I hear cannabis is good for blood pressure. Maybe a little beer. A nice motorcycle ride. A shotgun blast or two (don't go hunting woth King Dick).

Ridwan said...

Hey there Eugene. I read your comment just a few minutes after rising and thought that I would take your advice in order :)

There needs to be a release for sure.

Peace brother,