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Genocide and Crimes against Humanity in Gaza

The Angryindian: Israel is Guilty of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity

“Thus we conclude that we cannot promise anything to the Arabs of the Land of Israel or the Arab countries. Their voluntary agreement is out of the question. Hence those who hold that an agreement with the natives is an essential condition for Zionism can now say “no” and depart from Zionism. Zionist colonization, even the most restricted, must either be terminated or carried out in defiance of the will of the native population. This colonization can, therefore, continue and develop only under the protection of a force independent of the local population – an iron wall which the native population cannot break through. This is, in toto, our policy towards the Arabs. To formulate it any other way would only be hypocrisy.”

Vladimir Jabotinsky - The Iron Wall, (We and the Arabs)

"It would be my greatest sadness to see Zionists (Jews) do to Palestinian Arabs much of what Nazis did to Jews."

Albert Einstein

At the very certain risk of being condemned as an anti-Semite for saying what needs to be said, I will say it openly and without reservation: the State of Israel is guilty of Arab Palestinian Genocide and crimes against humanity. As I write this, the Euro-settler Zionist State of Israel has officially entered its seventh day of deliberate ethnocide against what is left of indigenous Palestine. More than 420 Palestinians have been killed, more than 2000 critically injured and its utility and transportation infrastructure has been ground to a complete halt.

Israeli’s chief propagandist Mark Regev, is on record for attributing the existence of the pro-independence Hamas government for the attacks and claims that Hamas wilfully encouraged this crisis by not agreeing to extend the latest U.S.-sponsored truce the Israelis violated several times since it was enacted. Regev fails to impart these facts when he tells the international media that, "Hamas escalated the situation last week with their rocket barrages against Israeli civilians."

So far 3 Israeli civilians have died and one Israeli Defence Forces soldier has been killed since all this began and this bluntly brief casualty list is being reported as the real tragedy of the conflict. U.S. government representatives have gone so far as to point to these deaths as the moral rallying issue to assert the Euro-settler state’s inalienable “right to exist” in occupied Palestine, as opposed to the indigenous Palestinian Arab right to exist at all. Meanwhile, while Israel’s rights are being discussed, Palestinians continue to become silhouettes of red mist. The morgues are overflowing with the battered and torn brown bodies of the victims, pitiful blood splattered and demoralised human clumps of what remains of Arab Palestine. And Israel says it is just getting started.

Hopelessly trapped within the world’s largest indigenous reservation, the native people of Palestine have little left to defend themselves with other than their intense will to survive. This tenacity to exist is treated as a crime against the State of Israel and the entire population of The Gaza, each and every Palestinian, is being held accountable for resisting their own genocide.

Yesterday an Israeli Air Defence aeroplane plunged a one tonne-pound bomb into the home of a high-level Hamas' official assassinating him, his wife and their children along with 18 of his neighbours. Instead of shock, Israeli spokespersons, U.S. officials and the world newspapers are calling this a concrete positive step forward in Mid-East peace process. An entire family has been killed in their home and politicians and pundits are calling actions such as these “progress.” Arab collateral damage be dammed.

The appalling apathetic disdain accorded the Palestinian people and their life and death struggle against a brutal Zionist Lebenstraumpolitik is as of this very moment without parallel in this century or the last. Even the much older Armenian Genocide has received more attention and investigation at this time than the in-your-face ethnic cleansing occurring right now before our eyes. And the deafening silence of the international community sums up precisely which side the world wants to win.

The UN Security Council recently demonstrated this when it declined an opportunity to issue a resolution censuring the saturation bombing of The Gaza. A draft presented by Libyan representatives of the Arab League calling for an immediate end to hostilities and condemnation of the State of Israel under the UN charter was promptly vetoed, unambiguously implying to victim and victimiser alike that the UN member nations do indeed support the genocide of the Palestinian people. To argue any other analysis is intellectual cowardice of the worse kind. It is conscious complicity with the planned ethnic eradication of Palestinian Arabs. In essence, it is the same as openly calling for their genocide.

And everyone is tripping over themselves to jump on the pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian semantic bandwagon. Barack Obama and his staff have officially accused any Palestinian who rejects being a punching bag for Jewish insecurities a terrorist and an enemy of the Jewish race, the only crime against humanity recognised by the world community. He further asserted Israel’s distinctive “right to exist” and scolded Hamas and their fellow Palestinians for not laying down and dying on cue.

The new President-Elect, otherwise known as the “The Change,” is clearly making good on his promise to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that Israeli Apartheid would be supported by his administration. He promptly confirmed this pledge by appointing Rahm Israel Emanuel, the son of a Zionist terrorist, as his White House Chief of Staff. Logically one is left to conclude that once Obama gets the keys to the White House, the new administration will continue the practices of past administrations by engaging in pro-Zionist protectionism. The falsifications and outright deceptions of the “special U.S.-Israeli relationship” will carry on and the material and ideological support for this ongoing racist genocide will never actually cease.

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak has publicly identified this anti-Arab pogrom as a justified "all-out war against Hamas and its kind." This broad brush means exactly what it implies, that Israel will employ extreme prejudice against all officers and operatives of Hamas, inclusive of anyone Israel thinks they can get away with labelling as Hamas and shall regard the projected widespread collateral damage as “preventative action” against ‘indeterminate’ “elements” of Hamas extant amongst the entire Palestinian population. In effect, Israel is targeting every Palestinian that dared vote “yes” for Hamas, more than 90 percent of the refugee population. In no uncertain terms, Israel intends to exterminate the Palestinian people as a whole, until there is nothing left but the memory of indigenous Palestine. Then they will obliterate the memory of the Palestinian people entirely.

We have seen this before. This is the perverse arithmetic of genocide, the cardinal sin of a civil society and a moral lesson one would think the world’s Jews would viscerally appreciate. With the western world inundated with reminders of the singular uniqueness of “The Holocaust” and its overtly ethnocentric focus on the extermination of the Ashkenazim, one could be forgiven for presupposing that European Jews should be the last people in the world with the moral vacancy to commit a genocide.

And make no mistake, this is a genocide. It is a Euro-supremacist war of ethnic extermination against a people long regarded in mythic European Orientalism as a sub-human, oversexed collection of racial inferiors. Caricatured as dusky, robed sand-dwellers carelessly beheading each other in the hot sun, the Arab represents to the bigot a cipher, a nonentity that the European Israeli-colonialist is under no obligation to respect. In this light, the Israeli Jew has indeed spiritually come full circle with his post-WW2 credentials as a “white” group. Now accepted as an ethnic European, he has finally found common ground between his theological tradition, his own struggle with anti-Jewish ethnic hatred and the ideological trappings of historical White racialism by colonially characterizing the Arab as a non-person therefore deserving of castigation. An outlandish variation on what they themselves have long endured at the hands of Europeans since the salad days of the pagan Roman Empire.

But with liberal backing from the gentile American Empire, the Jew, once branded the plague of the world, can pretend that what is happening in occupied Palestine is not a matter of anti-Arab racial prejudice. This is an ethical injustice within itself but it needs to be pointed out that the entire push behind U.S. and European support for Israel is the deep-seated desire to defend White Power in Western Asia. This is an issue of global European hegemony and the Israeli Jew knows that this is the currency, not a love for Jews, which keeps Israel afloat. So while the obvious analogies to German Nazism are undeniably accurate, it does not convey the reality that Israel is allowed to kill Arabs at will purely because it supplements an already extant pro-White racist agenda. And the Israeli Jew has bought into this paradigm hook, line and sinker.

To be fair, Israel’s psychological and socio-cultural anxiety is understandable considering the history of their historical oppression. But this in no way pardons the Zionist lobby within Israel or the United States from the well-deserved comparisons to German Nazism and all the elements that sober charge implies. The Israeli Jew truly stands on thin ice. The mind-set that defines every living Palestinian as a representative threat to Jewish security is no less xenophobic or less cold-blooded than anything the Nazis ever devised or attempted.

This includes the bizarre contradiction of what actually represents realistic anti-Semitism. Arabs are a Semitic people, so clearly any activity aimed at marginalising and eliminating the Palestinian population is by fiat anti-Semitic. But you will never hear such an analysis within the “acceptable” mainstream debate. The only real defence Israel actually has is the power to accuse its critics of vicious anti-Jewish bias. It is a semantic weapon the Zionist lobby uses with considerable force against any moral umbrage to their goal of an Arab-free Jewish state. In a world where Jews can embrace the ugly business of racial superiorities, territorial exploitation and the ethnic extermination agenda of the Third Reich with a straight face, it is not an exaggeration to say that none of us are safe.

Modern Israel’s spiritual connections to Nazism present an ironic twist on the line of defence employed by the German high command when they claimed to be in reality ardent Zionists seeking a solution to voluntary Jewish emigration out of Europe. This is satirically substantiated by the fact that some Zionists actively pursued this strategy, clandestinely meeting with sympathetic German officials willing to help transport Jews to Palestine, (then under British occupation) in return for Jewish assistance in fighting the Allies on behalf of Nazi Germany. These paradoxes almost never earn intelligent commentary and when the discourse is forced to acknowledge the overtly Naziesque aspects of Israeli policy, critics are severely downplayed as vociferous proponents of anti-Semitism. For the Zionist, his cause is Jewish survival by any means necessary and indigenous Palestinian Arabs just happen to be in the way.

This is the fundamental ingredient of the Zionist equation. After suffering centuries of ethnic persecution, the Jew has for all accounts and purposes claimed the right to operate like a Nazi providing that he does not act out his racial psychosis in precisely the same fashion as the original Nazis did theirs. And no matter what Israel does short of shoving Arabs into ovens, it is regarded as an improvement over what was allowed to occur during the European holocaust. As long as Israel and the United States maintain that the real targets of the onslaught is Hamas, the public morality will be satisfied, international legality negated and the murder of Palestinians will persist.

On this there is consensus, although there shouldn’t be, given that the Palestinian holocaust could not occur without the ideological support of world opinion. The apparatus of mass media propaganda being what it is and the grand sweep of U.S. influence being what it is, this is not a surprise. But what is most revolting about the Israeli ethnocide programme is the argument that their brand of racism is proper and religiously sanctioned. If you objectively compare examples, excuses for German atrocities in no way differ in character and absurdity from the justifications offered by Israel and its supporters. It is no less absent of moral or intellectual fibre than the unforgivable crimes the German Nazis committed and for which the present-day German still humbly apologises for. And even more ironic, they are supported in this analysis by scores of xenophobic Holocaust deniers such as Patrick Buchanan who are vocally critical of Israelis support in the U.S. government. These are people vigorously opposed to the existence of a Jewish state yet they are not considered by Israel and their supporters to be a threat to Jewish existence.

I find this quite odd since it was the social perpetuation and wiling encouragement of German Judeophobia which sent civilians like Julius Streicher to the gallows at Nuremberg. Today’s neo-Nazis might occasionally be labelled anti-Semitic, and that’s without a doubt a correct assessment, but they are never identified as threats to the existence of world Jewry. Any cursory visit to the numerous White Power websites available on the Internet clearly demonstrate that neo-Nazi attitudes have never gone away and that Europeans could potentially reverse their tolerance of Jews at any given time. It is thus a matter of obvious importance that the Israeli must consider the implications of such things the next time the IDF drops another weapon of mass destruction onto a Palestinian refugee village. It is imperative that we all think about the ethical implications of quietly watching European Jews committing racial atrocities and the significance of world opinion while the killing of Arab "savages" rages on unobstructed by the world community.

There is another matter, what of the moral centre of the Israeli Jew? This is the question of the hour. How does a Jew, either directly involved in active participation of anti-Arab racism or residing somewhere safe in the Hebrew Diaspora, stand silent in the face of such overwhelming inhumanity? How does one sit on the sidelines parasitically feeding off of Israel’s considerable political clout while cheering on the slaughter of defenceless Arab men, women and children? Is the cost of Jewish survival the genocide of the Palestinian Arabs? If this is so, the Israeli Jew and the Zionist lackey should have the courage to say so outright without the propagandistic posturing of obligatory self-defence against global Judeophobia. The Palestinian refugee is the victim, not the colonial Israeli. To argue otherwise is an insult to common sense and basic human rights.

It is a frustrating dichotomy. Nearly everything articulated today as criticism of Israel and of Jews in particular is hopelessly embedded within the race-conscious western jingoism of “civilisation” and “progress,” all delivered with a Kiplingesque charade of piteous humility. Systematic IDF abuses and covert Mossad assassination programmes notwithstanding, Israel is portrayed is a beacon of democratic evolution in the Middle East, not a racist Euro-settler state endlessly terrorizing a refugee indigenous population that they brutally and rakishly displaced. Instead of the historical and political reality of Israel, we are fed just the opposite, a mirage of mistruths and distortions intended to mask the reality of an anti-Arab race war. A war supported by the entire world.

It has been argued that the use of the words genocide, Israel and Jews within the same sentence is offensive, anti-Semitic and racially divisive unless the discussion is steadfastly centred on the European tradition of furtive Judeophobia and the remembrance of the Ashkenazim victims of a singular human holocaust. It is a stifled conversation laboured with the pathological Protestant guilt Gentiles harbour for their apathy and hushed ideological support for the Catholics and Pagan mystics who endeavoured to cleanse Europe of “inferior races” and peoples. The expected psychosomatic atonement for sitting on their arses while Europe burned its minorities in the contemporary era is generally assumed to take the form of the rush to convey unconditional support for the State of Israel and its countless atrocities against Indigenous Palestinians. But despite the appearance of apologetic moral penance, sympathy and respect for the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people is not the real motivation.

The moral and material support the State of Israel receives is not genuine empathy at all but in fact represents a brutal form of racialist realpolitik. As long as the State of Israel is of vital strategic and Euro-settler importance to the United States and the “core” European powers in Western Asia, the Palestinian genocide will be allowed to continue. The State of Israel in reality serves two distinct purposes; it is a zone of refuge for world Jewry who survived the Catholic attempt to eradicate their numbers in Europe and second, it serves as a militarized client-state that reinforces western aims and political influence in the Middle-East.

This is possible because after World War Two, Jews, primarily the Ashkenazim, have become “White enough” to merit all the assumed rights of pillage and colonial spoils theoretically accorded to each and every White person at birth. The string of arbitrary unearned privileges traditionally enjoyed by Whites that mechanically supersede the human rights of others groups. Some Jews have even joined the overtly Judeophobic Ku Klux Klan in the United States and neo-Nazi Israelis are not unheard of these days. White makes right and the reverse engineering the State of Israel has done with German fascism is a fascinating thing to see. I suspect that Josef Goebbels would find it all perversely humorous had he not blown his brains out at the end of the war.

Israel and its pro-Zionist Goyim supporters routinely play the ‘holocaust card,’ the propagandistic notion that an Israeli genocide of Arab Palestinians is necessary to prevent another genocide attempt against Europe’s Jews. A paradoxical quandary if one ever existed, but it in truth a play on the classic fall-back position of the colonialist. The charge that it is they, the invader, who is the injured party impartially defending themselves against malevolent forces opposed to the “civilisation” they have kindly jammed down the native throat with the butt of a rifle. It is the last refuge of the colonial racist when called to defend his reckless desire to obliterate any perceived threat to the authority or psychological security of the invader.

Emotive rationalisations pardoning the State of Israel for its written and unwritten policies of anti-Arab xenophobia fall on deaf ears now. Too many children have died. Too many lives have been shattered beyond repair. A Zionist blanket of death has descended upon the Palestinian people and hundreds of broken bodies litter the Gazan landscape as the world watches and says little and does less. This is what remains left of Arab Palestine. A charnel ground of post-WW2 White colonialism in Western Asia.

The Zionist government argues that the racist butchery of its defence forces is solely devoted to combating Palestinian terrorism, namely the very existence of Hamas, the actual government-in-exile of the Palestinian people. Despite their capitulation to democratic representative politics and their unprecedented participation in a U.S.-sponsored general election that brought them to power, Hamas is still unjustly pigeonholed as a terror organisation rather than as the liberation movement they actually represent. But if the Zionist State of Israel wants to get into particulars about what constitutes terrorism, it should open discussion about Zionist terrorism and how this earned them a Jewish homeland.

Before Hamas or Hezbollah ever existed there was the Stern Gang (Lehi) and Irgun (National Military Organization in the Land of Israel). Before the Munich action by angry young Palestinians, there was Deir Yassin, where 254 Palestinian villagers were executed during the chaotic last days of the British Mandate by brigades of Jewish terrorists, namely fighters of Lehi and Irgun, between the 9th and 11th of April in 1948. The Palestinian is responding to violence, not initiating it. But one must be willing move beyond the rhetorical pro-Israeli, pro-racist fluff to see the situation as it is to understand that. And since the very same people involved in the movement to purge Palestine of U.S. and British occupation in the 1940’s are directly responsible for the Arab Palestinian genocide which began 1948, why is anyone surprised by the current bloodbath?

Following the last global war, the western moral crusade for a capitalist-led world peace brought on by any means necessary would come to arrogantly flout the very humanism it maintains characterizes the present-day “War on Terror.” In the zealous pursuit of a full-spectrum Europocentric world order, the concept of world peace is regarded politically as a fluid hypothesis subject to instantaneous revision. As outlined by the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) dossier, peace is assurance in knowing that the United States and its client-entities (in particular the State of Israel) suffer no significant political challenges or effectual non-compliance to their aims of global hegemony. The existence of the State of Israel is a crucial geographical element to this equation and Jews fearful of yet another attempt at anti-Jewish eradication are willing to act as America’s bottom-bitch in the “Middle-East” in trade for a nation and an indigenous genocide all their own.

What we have here in essence is a model of peace solely defined by expansionist Euro-imperial standards. A system of planetary-wide Manifest Destiny ideologically steeped in the quasi-occultist philosophies that circulated in Christianized Europe prior to the extreme Aryanism of the Third Reich. The myth of a divine European master race as hailed in verse by Guido Von List, Rudyard Kipling and every Pope ever appointed to the Holy See. A morality of state oppression, elitist greed, plutocracy and racial stratification championed and rehearsed in that respective order. The necessary illusion of perpetual wars against terror, against the collapse of “civilisation” itself, have proved to be more than enough to satiate the consciousnesses of those of us psychologically encapsulated within the doctrinal paradigms of western predatory capitalism. We can coolly witness the destruction of an entire ethnic group, provided the victims are not ‘White’ and call ourselves Jehovah’s chosen without experiencing the pangs of paradoxical heaving.

The European structure of imperial criminality has always maintained a veneer of legality in regard to its own offences. Like war, the European world powers recognise amongst themselves a pithy assortment of extremely flexible rules concerning the acceptable use of military force by a government against internally colonialized or significantly weaker populations. These conventions have long been codified in black-letter international law and are based on what became known as the Nuremberg Principles, the legal strategy created to address the civilian atrocities of the last internal European tribal conflict of the last century.

The glaring paradox of acceptable rules for warfare aside, The Principles were used as a strategy for convicting German and later Japanese officers, politicians and industrialists of military and political delinquency by the Allied Powers and in the case of Julius Streicher; they were also decisive in convicting civilians for encouraging transgressions against specific human populations. In short, the legal if not ethical framework for the identification, prevention and prosecution of a genocide in the post-WW2 information age has been long understood, copiously documented and duly established as a punishable offence. Plainly, it is an international crime to engage in extremes of human incivility and savagery, period.

In the decades following the European and Japanese war trials of the 1940’s, these international conventions were selectively put to use against states engaging in crimes against humanity. In practise however, these laws were chiefly used against individual political personalities either opposed to or no longer useful to Euro-Imperial neo-liberalism. Anti-colonial Cuban leader and revolutionary icon Dr. Fidel Ruz Castro has been repeatedly and falsely accused of genocide, yet the Chinese government under Mao commenced a real genocide in Tibet which is still maintained by the post-Tiananmen neo-capitalists currently running the country. Harsh language may be used sporadically in condemnation of China for its actions in limiting a western-style Tibetan democracy, but few dare call what China is doing to the Tibetan people a genocide. The Balkan ethnic massacres of the 1990’s were deemed to be ethnic as well as theological genocides and people were prosecuted, while East Timor’s indigenous holocaust still struggles for similar recognition, respect and legal action. Genocide in African states might receive a bit of mention here and there and infrequently produce a book or a trial or two, but the genocide of Aboriginal peoples in Africa, in the Americas and in Asia typically garner no mention at all.

So it should of no surprise to anyone, let alone the Palestinians that in the wake of Israel’s aggressive return to murderous 1967-style military action in The Gaza, a clear challenge to international law is occurring and no one really cares. The entire world is looking the other way as Palestinians die en masse and no one cares enough to tell Israel to its face that it is a homicidal out of control colonialist settler-state that should hang its head in shame for enacting their very own Final Solution.

As a person of Ashkenazim extraction by way of a fairly diminutive blood-quantum, I challenge the Jews of the world to come to grips with what is being done in their name. I am no longer interested in hearing about the lost tribes and the terrorism of the European pogroms if you insist on slaughtering the very people whose lands you have already stolen at bayonet-point.

I cannot and will not respect anyone, especially a colonial population of genocide survivors, who in turn have the nerve to practice genocide. Jewish Nazism is still Nazism, even if brief passages from the Talmud are tucked under the yarmulkes of the murderous gunmen of the IDF.

The Angryindian

Editor, Inteligentaindigena Novajoservo


Dade said...

If the subject matter were not so dire, I would be rejoicing to see you return to the blogging world.

As it is, you have shown courage in speaking the truth. More and more it appears that the Israelis are becoming that which they most despise.

God save us from such a fate.

(It is good to hear from you.)

Ridwan said...

Indeed brother, the subject matter is dire indeed.

Thanks for writing my brother.

Peace to you,

Shus li said...

It is good to have you blogging again, Ridwan; your blog is one way I use to inform myself. I have been hoping you were healing.

The most salient passage of this lengthy post from angryindian, in my opinion, is this one: "A system of planetary-wide Manifest Destiny ideologically steeped in the quasi-occultist philosophies that circulated in Christianized Europe prior to the extreme Aryanism of the Third Reich. The myth of a divine European master race as hailed in verse by Guido Von List, Rudyard Kipling and every Pope ever appointed to the Holy See. A morality of state oppression, elitist greed, plutocracy and racial stratification..."

Thanks for making it easy to find this kind of information about and analysis of the attack on Palestine by Israel.


Ridwan said...

Thank you kindly sista Shusli. It is a pleasure to read you here.

Thank you for your support. I am doing great and back on the blog :)

I do have some reservations about writing and posting here. It has to do with feeling as if nothing can come from blogging no matter the earnest intent.

I remember talking to you about this issue once before.

I know a blog is just a blog and in these contexts a capitalist tool removed from any 'real' participation in struggle ... but I also see how information is passed between folks and that is at least a reason to be writing here.

Anyway my sista, thank you for looking in on me and caring about my wellbeing.

Peace to you,